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Families Threaten Election Boycott After Homes Demolished in Sangolda Village

Sangolda Demolition 22 Illegal Structures Cleared as High Court Rejects Extension Pleas



Panaji, April 12 – Residents of approximately 22 houses in Sangolda village, North Goa, have declared their intention to boycott the upcoming Lok Sabha elections following the demolition of their homes, which began on Friday.

Constructed on comunidade land, these individuals had been engaged in a legal battle to preserve their residences, yet their petition was dismissed by the High Court of Bombay at Goa. The affected locals assert they have resided in the area for the past four decades.

Tension engulfed the locality as the demolition team commenced its operations in the morning, with residents unable to impede their progress due to the substantial police presence.

In conversation with reporters, BJP’s Saligao MLA Kedar Naik expressed efforts to assist the 22 families at the governmental level but lamented their inability to salvage the homes.

“We proposed to the ‘Attorney of Comunidade’ to offer double the land’s value to preserve the houses, but they declined. Despite our pursuit even to the Supreme Court, we couldn’t prevent the demolitions,” Naik explained.

Lamenting the lack of a rehabilitation scheme, Naik highlighted personal efforts to aid the affected families.

Amid the evacuation process, members of these households expressed frustration towards the government’s perceived indifference. “We possess all necessary documents from the local panchayat. Yet, what value do these hold when our homes are razed?” they questioned.

Anguished youths vowed to abstain from voting in the upcoming Lok Sabha election, citing disillusionment with politicians’ exploitation for electoral gains.