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Extortion allegation snowballs into a major controversy



Panaji: Director General of Goa Police Jaspal Singh’s defense of not taking disciplinary or criminal action against officials involved in extortion charges has put the department in a spot.

“A society anywhere on this globe would comprise of all kind of elements. 99.99 percent elements are honest, hard working and people of integrity. Have we as citizens ever eloquently appreciated that. There are ways and means of handling bad elements,” read a post on the DGP’s official Twitter handle.

To this, a citizen through his Twitter handle @goenkarforlife questioned about handling if the bad elements.

“You can’t hide the 0.01 bad elements behind the 99.99 and say everything is all right. How have you handled the bad elements? How are your actions a deterrent? Why should Goans trust you?” it said.

Another Twitterati shot back at the department pointing at craze for money and power in Goa leading to rampant corruption. “This is not about bad elements and good elements. We are dealing with mentally and psychologically sick elements from money and power. The type of driving on the road demonstrates the mind behind the wheel,” Soter said.

Yet another Twitterati @vikrantdessai asked the department to do a reality check stating, ” You just do a survey 8 out of 10 will concur with the Goan report. Deep down you know it is 100% true. Just go undercover and experience it yourself.”

Goa Police has failed to take action against the ATS personnel suspected to have extorted Rs 7.5 lakh from a business operator. The money was soon returned to the man after the video of the extortion reached the office of Union Home Minister Amit Shah and the Office of Goa Chief Minister Pramod Sawant.

Goa Forward Party has once again questioned Goa Police’s silence on the issue. Party Vice President Durgadas Kamat
has asked, “Why there is Utter Silence on this issue by Goa Police !”