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Empowering Women’s Safety: Goa’s Pink Police Force Leading the Way on International Women’s Day



Panjim, 7 March 2024– Steadfast in its commitment to women’s safety, the Government of Goa has been actively implementing innovative measures to provide a secure and empowering environment for women across the state with initiatives such as the Goa Pink Police Force and “1364”.

Embodying the spirit of “Atithi Devo Bhava,” the 1364 Helpline emerges as a heartfelt initiative by the Goa Tourism Department. The helpline reflects the essence of hospitality ingrained in Goa’s cultural fabric, where every inquiry, concern, or need is met with a warm and prompt response. Designed to provide immediate assistance to women in distress, the 1364 Helpline stands as a pioneering initiative by the Goa Tourism Department, dedicated to ensuring the safety and well-being of residents and visitors alike. This helpline serves as a round-the-clock beacon for assistance, offering a seamless channel to address concerns, provide immediate aid, and enhance the overall experience of those exploring the vibrant landscapes of Goa and further strengthens the state’s efforts in building a secure and welcoming environment.

Reflecting a dedicated effort towards not only women but children alike, these progressive measures underscore the government’s commitment to fostering an environment where women feel secure and empowered, setting new standards for safety protocols and reaffirming Goa as a safe haven for all. The purpose is to prevent and mitigate upcoming dangers and for women to easily communicate their problems, establishing a seamless channel for prompt assistance and intervention.

The initiative reflects the government’s unwavering commitment to creating a secure space not only for the residents of Goa but also for international tourists, particularly solo travelers. These proactive measures not only enhance the safety and well-being of women but also contribute significantly to the tourism industry. As a popular destination for both national and international visitors, these initiatives ensure a welcoming and secure environment, fostering a positive image for Goa.
Moreover, this commitment to safety aligns seamlessly with the Goa Tourism Department’s broader vision, encompassing regenerative tourism and spiritual tourism initiatives. By prioritizing safety and creating a conducive atmosphere for all travelers, including solo and female tourists, Goa is not only reinforcing its identity as a beach haven but also expanding its appeal beyond beaches. This holistic approach positions Goa as a diverse and inclusive destination, offering enriching experiences that go beyond the conventional, reinforcing its status as a sought-after and responsible tourist haven.

This International Women’s Day, Goa reiterates its dedication to fostering an atmosphere of empowerment and protection for all, underlining that women’s safety is a top priority in the state’s agenda. As we celebrate the achievements of women worldwide, the Goa Pink Police Force stands as a testament to the state’s commitment to ensuring a secure and inclusive environment for every individual.

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