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Dupatta Killer Mahanand Naik Granted 21-Day Furlough, Stirring Controversy and Concerns

Serial Killer to Be Released for First Time in 14 Years, Police to Monitor his Movements



In a shocking development, Mahanand Naik, infamously known as the “Dupatta Killer,” has been granted a 21-day furlough by the prison authorities. Naik, who has been serving a life sentence for the murder of 16 women and one rape case, will be stepping out of jail for the first time in 14 years.

During his reign of terror, Naik would target vulnerable women, gaining their trust and eventually leading them to their tragic fate. He would deceive them into believing they were getting married, only to murder them and rob them of their valuables. The victims’ bodies were then disposed of in deserted areas.

The announcement of Naik’s furlough has sparked outrage and concern among the public, given the heinous nature of his crimes. Activists and citizens alike question the decision to grant such a lengthy leave to a convicted serial killer.

To ensure the safety of the community during Naik’s furlough, the police have been instructed to closely monitor his movements while he stays in the designated area. Authorities are taking extra precautions to prevent any potential harm or danger to innocent individuals.

The release of Mahanand Naik has reignited the painful memories of his victims’ families, who continue to seek justice and closure. It remains to be seen how society will respond to this controversial decision, and whether measures will be taken to prevent such occurrences in the future.