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Margao – Which comments are you referring to Pallavi Dempo? Have you personally seen the video or heard the audio in which Viriato Fernandes shows so called ignorance? Have you checked whether he really commented with gender bias? Can you post the audio or video substantiating your allegations? questioned Congress Social Media Coordinator Shamila Siddiqui.

Reacting to the posts of BJP South Candidate Pallavi Dempo on “X”, Congress Social Media Coordinator Shamila Siddiqui has appealed Pallavi Dempo not to play a “Victim Card” and try to gain sympathy.

Why are you trying to bring in “Gender Bias” when everyone is talking about Women Empowerment and Equal Rights? Congress Loksabha Candidate Capt. Viriato Fernandes has raised questions on rising Inflation and Unemployment during BJP Government. It is the responsibility of Pallavi Dempo to reply him as Loksabha Candidate. She cannot divert the attention by bringing in gender, stated Shamila Siddiqui.

I am sure Pallavi Dempo found herself in an embarassing situation when Congress Candidate Capt. Viriato Fernandes raised the core issues of Inflation and Unemployment. Entire Goa knows, Pallavi Dempo never uttered a word on these issues even once in the past, claimed Shamila Siddiqui.

Social Service is done with Selflessly. One should not claim credit or ask for votes because he or she has done Social Service. I once again request Pallavi Dempo to adopt to positive campaign, said Shamila Siddiqui.

It looks like Pallavi Dempo’s Social Media is handled by BJP Troll Army. She should first verify facts before giving any reactions. Just playing “Woman Card” will not allow her to gain sympathy as women like me will keep questioning her on issues, stated Shamila Siddiqui.

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