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Doctors at Manipal Hospitals, Goa embrace wellness for a Brighter Tomorrow

Dr. Dipchand Bhandare, Senior Consultant, Orthopaedics, Manipal Hospitals, Goa



Manipal Hospitals, a leading healthcare service provider has the distinction of providing access to best healthcare service to the people across the country in general and Goa in particular has a spotlight on the doctors who have become beacons of hope, gifting countless patients life-changing second chances. The hospital has a transformative impact on over millions of lives as we strengthen the bond between patients and the doctors.

National Doctor’s Day serves as a reminder of the immense dedication and selflessness that doctors bring to their noble profession. The day marks the birth anniversary of the legendary Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy, and serves as a reminder of the noble profession of medicine and the selfless care doctors provide in saving lives. The medical professionals need to cater to the demands of their patients, take care of their own families and most important is to keep themselves fit. The adrenaline keeps them going while attending to their daily routine. Their dedication and motivation makes them carry out their duties untiringly. As a result they are susceptible to stress reactions. Many suffer from lifestyle diseases and some succumb to substance abuse.

There has to be a well managed daily routine with adequate time for outpatient and for surgical work. There has to be adequate time for refreshments and normal meals. The doctors need to dedicate time for relaxation. The best way is to be regular in some form of physical exercise. A brisk walk, a good swim or some sports activity goes a long way in keeping the doctors mentally and physically fit.

Quality time with the family is most essential for the doctors as well as the family. With a happy and healthy family at home, the doctors can devote themselves to the care of their patients. One more important thing to remember is to spend time with your close friends. Such regular interactions with friends rejuvenate and go a long way in relaxing a tired mind. A vacation every year with the family is a must for all the physicians. A time to charge the batteries in order to take up the regular responsibilities.

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