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Dim and Dazzling Street Lights Pose Safety Concerns on Ribandar Panaji Causeway




Ribandar, Goa – The issue of non-working street lights on the Ribandar Panaji Causeway, which was previously highlighted by Goa Plus News Channel, continues to persist. However, the situation has taken a new turn as the existing lights now emit a dim and dazzling glow, causing further hazards for commuters.

The lack of proper illumination on the causeway has been a longstanding concern, with previous reports shedding light on the accidents and near-misses that occur due to the absence of functional street lights. While efforts were made to address the issue, it seems that the recent change in lighting conditions has brought about a new set of challenges.

Commuters traveling along the Ribandar Panaji Causeway now face the disconcerting experience of encountering street lights that emit a flickering and insufficient glow. These dim and dazzling moments create significant distractions for drivers, increasing the risk of accidents and compromising the safety of all road users.

The deteriorating quality of street lighting not only hampers visibility during nighttime travel but also impacts the overall road safety on the causeway. Commuters, particularly those driving cars, are finding it increasingly difficult to navigate the road due to the intermittent and distracting lighting conditions.

It is crucial for the concerned authorities to take immediate action to rectify this issue. The malfunctioning street lights must be promptly repaired or replaced with efficient lighting systems that provide consistent and adequate illumination throughout the causeway. This will not only enhance road safety but also restore the confidence of commuters who rely on this vital transportation route.

The safety of commuters should always be a top priority, and the proper functioning of street lights plays a vital role in ensuring secure and hassle-free travel. The authorities are urged to address this matter urgently and implement the necessary measures to eliminate the risks posed by the dim and dazzling street lights on the Ribandar Panaji Causeway.

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