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Delhi High Court grants significant victory to PPL India in copyright Infringement cases



On the eve of New Year and Christmas celebrations, Phonographic Performance Ltd. (PPL India) gears up to safeguard its extensive catalogue of over 70 lakh songs. The Delhi High Court (DHC) has delivered a decisive blow against copyright infringement, restraining entities from playing copyrighted songs controlled by PPL without the requisite license.

As the 80-year-old powerhouse overseeing public performance rights, PPL India manages an impressive array of songs assigned by 400+ music labels, including industry giants like T-series, Saregama, Sony Music, Universal Music, Warner Music, Times Music, Speed Records, and more.

The recent rulings by the honourable Delhi High Court serve as a shot in the arm for PPL India, specifically addressing unauthorized use of copyrighted sound recordings by prominent establishments such as One8 Commune (owned by Virat Kohli), Tim Hortons, Aptronix, Unicorn, Gola Sizzler, Str8up Hospitality (brands like Duty Free, Sassy Oscar, Too Indian, etc.), and several others across India. Over the years, various courts in India have consistently supported PPL by issuing injunctions against infringing entities.

In a parallel legal development, the Delhi High Court took serious cognizance of misleading campaigns initiated by associations such as the DJ Association Chandigarh. These campaigns sought to dissuade the general public from obtaining licenses from PPL while playing its music. The court has unequivocally restrained such associations, reaffirming PPL’s right to issue licenses for the lawful use of its extensive music repertoire.

On contacting the company, PPL India expressed its sincere gratitude to the Delhi High Court for its unwavering support in upholding the rights of copyright holders and ensuring fair compensation for creators. These landmark decisions reinforce the importance of respecting intellectual property rights in the music industry.

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