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Cumbarjua MLA Rajesh Faldessai thanks WRD for sanctioning beautification of Carambolim lake



PANAJI: Cumbarjua Goa MLA Rajesh Faldessai on Wednesday thanked Water Resources Minister Subhash Shirodkar for taking up the work of beautification of the Carambolim lake which he said, once thrown open to the tourists, will bring opportunities for employment to residents of his constituency.

Speaking during the discussion on the demand for the Water Resources Department, Faldessai said that the impending work was a long pending demand of his constituency.

“Daily at Old Goa between 10,000 to 15,000 tourists visit the place. Once the work is completed the tourists can also visit the Carambolim lake which is not even 700-800 metres away from the churches. If that were to happen, there will be a huge benefit for the people of the constituency that have been longing for this development. They will be able to start some businesses there,” Faldessai said.

“The Carambolim lake is among the biggest in the state and we witness more than 30-40 species of birds there. For so many years, no one gave the lake any attention, but after I invited the minister, he willingly came there, conducted an inspection and now works to the tune of Rs 5.21 crore are out for tender and I believe that after the rains the work will begin,” he added.

“All I request from the minister is that he give us a time frame, when the work will be completed in order for the people who have been impatiently waiting for the work to be completed,” he added.

The MLA also raised the issue of the growth of mangroves along the bunds in the island villages of his constituency.

“No sooner the bund is built, the mangroves grow and multiply which gives a huge problem for the farmers who wish to plant their fields. The minister should look into the manner in order that if they are not mangrove trees, they can be cut so that they do not hamper the farming efforts,” Faldessai said while praising the department for repairing the bunds, which he said was the sole reason that the islands were not inundated despite there being heavy rains this year.

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