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Cumbarjua MLA Rajesh Faldesai Initiates Road Resurfacing Project, Shoulders Costs for Constituency Improvement



PANAJI: Rajesh Faldesai, the Cumbarjua MLA, proudly declared on Thursday the successful completion of a significant infrastructure project benefiting his constituency. The endeavor involved the resurfacing of three vital roads within the Cumbarjua island village, specifically addressing the thoroughfares leading to and within Thapan Wada and Rambhuvan Wada. Noteworthy is the fact that this improvement initiative was entirely funded by Faldesai himself, showcasing his personal commitment to serving the needs of his constituents even amidst the constraints imposed by the prevailing code of conduct.

Faldesai underscored the urgency of completing the road works before the imminent onset of monsoon season and the anticipated pre-monsoon showers slated for the following week. He elucidated that his proactive approach was born out of the realization that waiting for government sanction and bureaucratic procedures would potentially delay the project by an entire year. By assuming responsibility for the initiative, Faldesai demonstrated his resolve to eliminate administrative red tape and ensure timely delivery of essential services to the community.

Acknowledging the prolonged inconvenience endured by the residents of Cumbarjua due to the dilapidated road conditions, Faldesai expressed heartfelt gratitude for their patience and support. He pledged to continue his efforts in serving the constituency diligently, promising sustained dedication to addressing their pressing needs if entrusted with the opportunity in the future.

Looking ahead, Faldesai hinted at the existence of several other upcoming projects aimed at further enhancing the infrastructure and overall quality of life in Cumbarjua. This announcement comes on the heels of Faldesai’s recent inauguration of a road completion project in Mangalam Casa Amora phase 3, a development welcomed with enthusiasm by local residents eager to witness tangible improvements in their surroundings.

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