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Cortalim MLA Anton Vaz Should Introspect on his Support to Incompetent BJP Govt. – Amit Patkar



Margao – Revelation by Cortalim MLA Anton Vaz that the Water Tanker carrying Sewage had no valid permit exposes that there is complete collapse of administration with total free hand to Criminals & Mafias. Cortalim MLA needs to introspect on his support to the incompetent BJP Government, stated Congress President Amit Patkar.

Releasing a video with excerpts from the meeting convened by Cortalim MLA, Congress President charged that even after 5 days since Water Tanker carrying Sewage was caught by alert Citizens of Sancoale, Governments Health, WRD, RTO and Police Officials had not taken any action.

It is clear from the video that each Department is pointing fingers at others. They have not even sent Samples for Testing till today. Who has stopped RTO from cancelling the Registration of the said Tanker and permanent Suspension of Drivers Licence? questioned Amit Patkar.

All the Independent MLAs as well as the other non-BJP MLAs supporting the corrupt BJP Government should realise that “Health is Wealth” and it is the duty of the Government to take care of people’s health. Here BJP Government is promoting Sewage Tanker Mafia. I appeal to all of them not to be part of “Sins of BJP” stated Amit Patkar.

Air, Water and Food are basic neccesities of life. BJP Government headed by Chief Minister Dr. Pramod Sawant has failed to provide clean & hygenic drinking water to the people. His government has no right to continue in power when women are made to struggle to collect a pot of water in this hot summer, Amit Patkar said.

Congress Party will keep the pressure on the Government. After compelling PWD and FDA to get into action, we will soon call on WRD and Health Departments to build up pressure to act against Sewage and Tanker Mafia in Goa promoted by BJP Government, said Amit Patkar.

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