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Controversy Erupts as Kala Academy’s Ceiling Collapse Triggers Outcry in Goa



Panaji,April 22: The BJP government in Goa and Art and Culture Minister Govind Gaude faced criticism after a section of the false ceiling in the renovated Kala Academy building collapsed.

This incident comes after previous structural issues, including the collapse of the green room mirror in December 2023, merely a month after its reopening, and the roof collapse of the open auditorium on July 17, 2023.

Netizens and opposition parties have likened these incidents to the crumbling of ‘Goa’s Taj Mahal’, raising concerns about the safety of the iconic cultural center.

BJP state president, Sadanand Tanavade, announced an inquiry into the incident, promising action by Chief Minister Pramod Sawant.

The Goa Forward Party expressed alarm, labeling the incident as a warning of potential dangers during the monsoon season and criticizing the government’s handling of public safety.

Congress media chairman, Amarnath Panajikar, drew parallels between the situation and the deterioration of historical monuments, emphasizing the need for urgent action.

Designed by renowned architect Charles Correa and initiated in 1970, the Kala Academy stands as a symbol of art and culture in the coastal state.

The Goa government has faced backlash for alleged irregularities in the renovation process, which cost Rs 49 crore and reportedly bypassed tender protocols, contrary to CPWD guidelines. The renovation took nearly three years to complete.

Defending the government’s approach, Minister Govind Gaude drew a comparison to the construction of the Taj Mahal, stating that Shah Jahan’s monument stands strong after centuries despite not inviting quotations for its construction.

Opposition parties highlight the stark difference in expenditure, noting that while the Kala Academy was built 50 years ago for Rs 4 crore, over Rs 49 crore has been spent on repairs, raising questions about accountability and transparency in government spending.

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