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Congress Welcomes SC Decision to cancel approval of NBWL for Double Tracking



Panjim: The Congress has been fighting vociferously for the complete scrapping of the three linear projects in Goa. The demand featured prominently in the election manifesto and has been voiced by the Congress leaders over the long agitation. In a win for the people of Goa, the SC cancelled the approval of NBWL for double tracking of railways. The Congress party hails this verdict as a victory for the people’s movement.
Addressing the media on the verdict, on Monday, GPCC President Shri Amit Patkar said, “The party welcomes the decision of the Supreme Court to cancel the approval of the NBWL for the railway double tracking. It is victory of Goans,” he said.
Patkar further said that it is a sorry state that people are forced to approach Courts for justice due to an insensitive government who only acts for and on behalf of the crony capitalists.
He called for constant vigilance, and to be ‘on guard as this so claimed double-engine government is hell bent to implement the anti-Goa project due to the pressure from the Delhi engine.’
Captain Viriato Fernandes, Congress Dabolim Leader, who has been closely associated with the fight on the ground, appreciated the hard work of all those involved in ensuring the win for Goa and the environment.
He pointed to the questionable manner in which the three linear projects were passed under the guise of the lockdown. Capt Viriato said it was aimed to make Goa a coal hub and facilitate the transportation of coal to the neighbouring States.
He raised his concern over the lack of employment opportunities in the State. After the closure of mining, he added that tourism would suffer next. He asked, “With these three projects and coal dust flying all over, which tourist would come? This would lead to the collapse of the tourism industry. This just shows that the Government is with their masters and not the people,” he said.
Captain Viriato, commenting on the statement by the Chief Minister that few environmentalists are anti-development, clarified, “We are against the personal development of the Chief Minister and his Ministers. This is a misplaced development of the Government. We are for the development of the people and the State.”