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Congress Leader Janardhan Bhandari Holds CHC, Canacona Staff Accountable for Medical Negligence

Urgent Action Needed to Enhance Medical Services at Canacona Health Centre



In response to the persistent grievances voiced by the residents of Canacona regarding the inadequate medical treatment and facilities at the Canacona Health Centre (CHC), Congress Leader Janardhan Bhandari, accompanied by his team, recently met with the Health Officer of the CHC. Bhandari strongly emphasized the urgent need for improvement in medical services and questioned why the medical infrastructure at the CHC did not meet the expected standards.

During the meeting, the Health Officer attempted to justify the shortcomings by providing excuses. However, Bhandari and his team issued a stern warning, holding the CHC staff solely responsible for any unfavorable consequences arising from the denial of medical treatment to patients in need. They stressed the gravity of the situation and emphasized the importance of immediate action to address the concerns raised by the local community.

The residents of Canacona have long expressed their dissatisfaction with the quality and availability of medical services at the CHC. The lack of adequate facilities and medical staff has hindered the timely and efficient treatment of patients, causing significant distress and inconvenience. Bhandari’s visit and subsequent warning serve as a strong message to the authorities that the well-being of the community cannot be compromised.

It is essential for the Health Officer and the concerned authorities to take immediate and effective measures to enhance the medical services and facilities at the Canacona Health Centre. The residents of Canacona deserve access to quality healthcare services within their own locality, and any negligence or denial of treatment should not be tolerated.

The Congress Leader and his team will closely monitor the situation and ensure that the necessary improvements are made. They remain committed to fighting for the rights of the local community and ensuring that every citizen receives the medical care they deserve.

The Canacona Health Centre must rise to the occasion and address the concerns raised by Janardhan Bhandari and the residents of Canacona. The well-being and health of the people should always be the top priority, and immediate action is required to rectify the existing shortcomings and provide the necessary medical services at the CHC.

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