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Congress Demands CBI Probe into Alleged Flaws in Goa University Recruitment Process



Panaji, June 15: The Congress party has called for a Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) probe into the recruitment process for Multi-Tasking Staff (MTS) at Goa University, citing alleged flaws in the rules and regulations.

Amarnath Panajikar, Chairman of the Congress Media Cell, along with Elvis Gomes, Janardhan Bhandari, Pradip Naik, Sandeep Pednekar, and others, criticized the BJP government over the issue.

Panajikar accused Goa University of unjustly terminating the services of 25 MTS employees who had been working for the institution for the past decade, and failing to reinstate them during the fresh recruitment process.

He stated, “Chief Minister Pramod Sawant and other BJP leaders are engaging in discussions while neglecting the issue of unemployment and the injustice being done to our youth. The recruitment process at Goa University appears to be a scam and therefore should be investigated by the CBI.”

Elvis Gomes, a Congress leader, expressed concern that the termination of contracts for the existing 25 MTS employees was unfair to the people of Goa.

“In Madhya Pradesh, the BJP was involved in the ‘Vyapam Scam.’ Such recruitment scams have never occurred in our country. It seems the BJP is attempting a similar scam in Goa, where they have previously failed to recruit over 8000 candidates selectively. A CBI investigation into the Goa University issue is justified because, at first glance, the rules appear to be flawed. Additionally, they have failed to publish a merit list on the website,” Gomes stated.

Gomes questioned how the government could terminate the employment of the 25 MTS staff members who had been recruited through an examination and had served for the past 10 years.

He alleged that all 25 candidates who participated in the fresh recruitment exams were intentionally failed in order to secure positions for the close associates of politicians in power.

“Perhaps this was done intentionally to profit from the new recruitment,” he claimed.

Gomes further asserted that the BJP was attempting to control Goa University by interfering in the recruitment process. “The BJP government had revoked the autonomy of Goa University in 2003 to manipulate the system as they desired,” he alleged.

Gomes urged all contractual staff working in various government departments in Goa to recognize how the BJP government was exploiting them and acting unjustly after a decade of service.

He questioned how all the candidates could fail when they had initially passed the exams during their appointment 10 years ago and had gained considerable experience since then.

Gomes also highlighted that the central government offices and public sector agencies in the state were no longer recruiting Goans. “It is ironic that our youth are not receiving job opportunities in these sectors,” he remarked.

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