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Congress Created Assets, Modi Govt. is Selling Them- Amit Patkar



Panaji – Our first Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru had to face many challenges in running the Government as the Britishers made the treasury empty. It was his vision that created solid assets in the form of various institutions & projects which helped India to see the growth of today. Unfortunately,​​ Modi Government is selling them one after the other said Congress President Amit Patkar.

Addressing a Press Conference at Congress House in Panjim with General Secretary Adv. Srinivas Khalap and North Goa District President Virendra Shirodkar, Congress President Amit Patkar condemned the act of the BJP Government to deny entry to local senior citizens of Pernem for the inaugural function of Mopa International Airport.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said yesterday that almost 66 new airports have come up in the last eight years as against existing 74 airports in previous years. Prime Minister should know that Congress Governments focussed on creating other important infrastructure for the welfare of the people, Amit Patkar said.

IIT-Kharagpur, Lalit Kala Academy, AIIMS, Green Revolution of India, First Computer Installed in 1962, White Revolution in 1970, India’s first nuclear test, Launching of Aryabhatta Sattelite, CHOWGM Retreat in Goa, Sending the first Astronaut in Space, IT Revolution, Globalisation of Indian Economy, National Institute Of Virology are some of the milestones of Congress Governments which shaped India, claimed Amit Patkar.

GPCC President also stated that BJP Governments policies are changing after every event. They said in 2004 that the International Film Festival of India will be a game changer for Tourism Industry in Goa. The festival has turned out to be an International Fraud Festival of India. Where is the Convention Centre promised by the BJP Government? Questioned Amit Patkar.

Prime Minister yesterday said Ayurveda & Naturopathy can boost tourism. The tourism Department is busy with Jetty Policy to facilitate Coal Transportation. How will Government boost tourism which is already crushed due to wasteful expenditures on Junkets? Tourism Department has failed to create any infrastructure to promote tourism, Amit Patkar alleged.

Refuting the statement of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi that the Congress Government spent money on appeasement, Congress President said that Our Government introduced laws like 73rd & 74th Amendments to Constitution to empower local self bodies, the Right to Information, Right to Education, Food Security Act, MGNREGA and many others. If BJP feels that these laws and schemes are appeasements, Congres is proud of the same.

I demand that Chief Minister Dr. Pramod Sawant must apologize to the People of Goa for insulting them by denying entry at the Mopa Airport. It is clear that BJP Functionaries told lies to the people that they are invited to visit the new Airport. In reality, BJP wanted to gather a crowd for Prime Minister Modi’s speech, charged Amit Patkar.

Congress Party also condemns the act of the Government of not mentioning of Leader of Opposition and South of MP on the Invitation Card of the Inaugural Function of Mopa Airport. Mopa Airport is not BJP’s private property, Amit Patkar said.

Congress Party also accused the BJP government of wasteful expenditure by hosting the World Ayurvedic Congress at Campal, Panjim causing inconvenience to the people with traffic jams and closure of traffic. Congress President questioned why the BJP Government did not organise it at the precinct of Ayush Hospital which was inaugurated yesterday by the Prime Minister.

Adv. Srinivas Khalap exposed sale of medicines having ingredient of Cannabis in it at the stalls of World Ayurveda Congress stalls. It is a serious issue of medicines with Cannabis being allowed to be sold at an event organised by Government.