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Commemorating BHARAT JODO YATRA’s First Anniversary: Goa’s Message of Unity and Concerns Over Government Actions



In a gathering at Lohia Maidan to mark the first anniversary of the monumental BHARAT JODO YATRA, Yuri Alemao emphasized the non-political nature of the journey while highlighting its powerful political message. Thousands of people walked alongside Rahul Gandhi from Kanyakumari to Kashmir, with the primary objective of diffusing the clouds of hatred and spreading the message of love and brotherhood among all Indians, reaffirming India’s commitment to diversity.

While addressing the crowd, Yuri Alemao criticized the local BJP government for dwelling on past issues to incite communal tensions and accused them of becoming arrogant regarding Goa’s pressing issues. He enumerated various government failures, including environmental destruction, deteriorating law and order, and Goa’s transformation into a coal hub. He also expressed concerns about the government’s willingness to sell Goa’s land to outsiders under the pretext of development, pointing to amendments in various acts and clearances from the Investment Promotion Board.

Yuri Alemao was particularly critical of the government’s handling of the Mhadei Wild Life Sanctuary issue, accusing them of prioritizing the interests of neighboring Karnataka and land mafias over Goa’s forests. He condemned the government’s appeal against the High Court’s directive and the use of public funds for activities that go against the interests of the people of Goa.

Taking a dig at the BJP central government, Yuri Alemao criticized their attempt to create controversy by introducing the term “BHARAT” and stressed that certain issues should transcend petty politics. He urged the crowd to chant “Bharat Jodo, India Jitao; Bharat Judega toh hi India Jitegi” to emphasize unity. Yuri also questioned the BJP’s claims of safeguarding the nation’s sanctity and pride.

Regarding the “One Nation, One Election” proposal, Yuri Alemao viewed it as an attempt to divert attention from the proximity between Narendra Modi and corporate giants like Adani and Ambani, along with the sale of India’s public assets. He suggested that this proposal stemmed from the BJP’s fear of losing elections if conducted in the current established manner.

Looking ahead to 2024, Yuri Alemao expressed confidence in the opposition’s ability to unite and defeat the BJP. As the Leader of the Opposition in Goa, he pledged to spare no effort in fostering unity among opposition forces, emphasizing that a one-man army would not be sufficient to challenge the BJP’s dominance.

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