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CM Dr. Pramod Sawant Seeks Blessings at Kashi Vishwanath Temple on Shravan Somvar



Varanasi (Uttar Pradesh), September 4 – Goa Chief Minister Pramod Sawant visited the Kashi Vishwanath Temple on Monday to offer prayers on the auspicious occasion of Shravan Somvar. He expressed his gratitude and sought blessings on behalf of all Goans, praying for their good health, prosperity, and well-being. During his visit, he performed the ‘Panchamrit’ offering, a mixture of milk, curd, ghee, honey, and sugar, to the ‘Shivaling.’

‘Sawan,’ also known as ‘Shravan,’ is considered one of the holiest months in the Hindu lunar calendar, with each Monday during this period seen as highly auspicious for fasting and seeking Lord Shiva’s blessings.

According to religious beliefs, Shravan is Lord Shiva’s favorite month, and worship during this time is believed to provide immediate relief from troubles.

Yash Sharma, the temple priest, shared that the day’s rituals included a holy bath of Baba Mahakal with water and Panchamrit Mahabhishek, where the deity was anointed with milk, curd, ghee, honey, and fruit juices. Baba Mahakal was then adorned with Bhang and sandalwood before being dressed in clothing, followed by the Bhasma Aarti with drums and conch shells.

In addition to the temple rituals, there’s a tradition of taking out Baba Mahakal’s ride every Monday in the month of Shravan-Bhado. Devotees eagerly await this event, believing it to be a blessing to catch a glimpse of Mahakal, who tours the city to gauge the condition of the public. It is considered a fortunate moment to witness this ride.