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Chief Minister Dr. Pramod Sawant Leads the Celebration of Goa’s Outstanding Performance in SSC Examinations, Achieving a Remarkable 92.38% Pass Rate



In a press conference attended by esteemed Education Department officials including Chief Minister Dr. Pramod Sawant, who also serves as the Education Minister of Goa, the state’s Education Department proudly unveiled Goa’s exceptional achievement in the SSC 2024 Examinations. With a remarkable 92.38% pass rate, which notably includes 41 out of 78 government schools boasting a flawless 100% pass rate, the event was marked by commendations for the tireless efforts of educators and school administrators. Dr. Sawant, in his dual role as Chief Minister and Education Minister, expressed heartfelt appreciation for the dedication of teachers and headmasters, particularly in providing additional support to underprivileged students through remedial classes and extra assistance.”

“The conference further underscored ongoing initiatives led by Dr. Sawant’s administration to enhance educational infrastructure and optimize human resources across schools in the state. Initiatives such as the introduction of Smart Classrooms, enriched libraries, advanced laboratories, and improved transport facilities are aimed at meeting the evolving academic needs of students, ensuring a conducive learning environment. Dr. Sawant reaffirmed the government’s unwavering commitment to sustaining these efforts, emphasizing the priority placed on nurturing a bright and prosperous academic future for the youth of Goa.

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