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Chief Minister Dr. Pramod Sawant Launched Artificial Intelligence Driven Security, Integrated Traffic Management & eChallan System, 1st in Goa at Merces Junction



Panaji: The Government of Goa was very keen to adopt the latest technology to solve very
real problems of traffic and security within the state. Goa being a global tourist
destination represents India on a global stage, and thus the government wanted
nothing but the best technology. However, the government was also wary of the
costs which are involved not only in the capital infrastructure, but also operation and
maintenance of such advanced technology.

Keeping the above in mind, the Government of Goa was on the lookout for
innovative solutions, which could solve traffic congestion as well as prove to be a
great tool to monitor crime within the state. Multiple companies were invited to carry
out a pilot in Goa. Of the many companies, only one agreed to do the pilot for free.
Incidentally, this company had also successfully demonstrated to have reduced the
traffic congestion in Bengaluru by over 42%. Further, the company was ready to bear
the cost of all capital and operating expenses, and work with the Government of Goa
on a Public Private Partnership model.

The pilot was carried out at Merces Junction, which is one of the busiest junctions in
Goa. The Artificial Intelligence which Beltech AI had developed observed the traffic
at Merces Junction for 2 weeks, using the 16 cameras which they had installed at the
junction. After two weeks, the signal was switched on in phases under the
supervision of the local traffic authorities. Over the following 3 weeks, the AI learnt
and improved further. The results of this pilot have been in line with the expectations
of the government.

  • The peak wait-time at the junction was 12-15 minutes, which has now been
    reduced to 4-6 minutes.
  • Earlier, there used to be 4 constables managing traffic at the junction, but now
    there is only 1, and that too only as a precaution.
  • The AI can detect emergency vehicles such as ambulances and fire-trucks
    and automatically clears the road.
  • The AI is designed in such a way that all the signals in the city/state
    constantly talk to each other, thus optimising traffic at not only a junction level,
    but city/state level.
  • AI can also detect vehicles which violate the traffic rules and make the road
    unsafe for everyone. E-challan is automatically raised to such offenders.
  • All the data from the signals is available in real-time at Central Command and
    Control Centers of the authorities. This can be used for public safety. Signals
    can also be controlled remotely.
  • The AI is always self-learning, which means that every day, there is better
    public infrastructure without the government spending any additional
    tax-payer’s money.
  • Finally, this technology will also reduce toxic emissions within the state, as
    vehicle idling time will reduce.