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Canaconkars Rally Fearlessly Against Barbarism, Condemn Brutal Act in Manipur



In a powerful display of solidarity and sensitivity, the people of Canacona, led by prominent leaders of Swabhimani Jagruth Canconkars, organized a peaceful protest rally to condemn the recent heinous incident in Manipur where women were subjected to public humiliation and gang rape. The rally, which took place despite heavy rain, saw hundreds of participants, including youths, housewives, conscious men, and elderly citizens of Canacona, expressing their outrage against the brutality.

The protest march commenced at 4.30 p.m. from Canacona Police Station and culminated at KTC Bus Stand Canacona. The demonstrators bravely voiced their condemnation of both the State and Central Governments for failing to protect the women in Manipur. They also praised the Hon’ble Supreme Court for taking assertive steps to stop such atrocities against women in the region.

Janardhan Bhandari, Vikas Bhagat, and other prominent leaders who spearheaded the rally expressed their heartfelt gratitude to the participants for fearlessly joining the protest, even in adverse weather conditions. The event sent a strong message that Canconkars stand united against injustice and brutality, irrespective of where it occurs in India.

The spontaneous response of young girls, housewives, and elderly individuals showcased the unwavering consciousness and sensitivity of the Canaconkars. They firmly asserted that they would not be deterred by anyone, not even the insensitive BJP Government, from voicing their dissent and condemning acts of barbarism in society. This rally reaffirmed the commitment of the people of Canacona to uphold the values of compassion, justice, and unity in the face of adversity.

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