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Cabinet Minister Accused of Land Embezzlement Through Alleged Fraudulent Amendment: Congress Party Calls for Immediate Repeal



The recent revelations surrounding the amendment to article 334-A of the Principal Code of Comunidades have raised serious concerns about the Pramod Sawant BJP government’s involvement in facilitating the acquisition of Goa’s community resources by its members. Captain Viriato Fernandes, General Secretary of the Congress party, pointed out that the amendment, allowing ‘landless’ children of comunidade components to be allotted plots, has been exploited.

In a notable case, McKinley Emmanuel Godinho, identified as a child of Chicalim comunidade, was allocated a 400 sq. m. plot in Sy.137/1 in December 2023. It has come to light that McKinley Emmanuel Godinho is the son of Mauvin Godinho, Cabinet Minister of Transport & Panchayats in the Pramod Sawant BJP government. The legitimacy of McKinley’s ‘landless’ status is questioned as he received land through gift deeds, raising concerns about misuse of the law.

Captain Viriato Fernandes alleges that this reveals a pattern of the BJP government facilitating its ministers, their families, and associates to exploit community land for personal gain, undermining Goa’s traditional Gaunkari (Comunidade) system. In response, the Congress party demands the immediate revocation of this controversial amendment to uphold the integrity of Goa’s resources.

(Capt. Viriato Fernandes)
General Secretary, GPCC.

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