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Bypass Through Cuncolim Should not affect Residential Houses: Yuri Alemao



Panaji –  The idea of Bypass is to avoid damage & destruction of houses and also create safety & security to lives of the people. The proposed Option-3 of the bypass for National Highway 66 should not cause any damage to the houses of people, stated Leader of Opposition Yuri Alemao.

With fear & anxiety in their minds of losing their homes due to proposed Bye-pass to NH-66 passing through Cuncolim, some residents met me today. As per Reply to my Legislative Assembly Question on 15th July 2022 Government of Goa has stated that Survey will be conducted to determine number of houses to be affected stated  Yuri Alemao.

Yuri Alemao said that the reply to my LAQ also states that, said Survey will also determine route location, length/distance, estimated cost etc. My efforts will be to ensure no loss to the Residents and Land Owners. I will hold meeting with top PWD officials to understand the proposed Option-3 for which funds are allocated, Yuri Alemao stated.

No doubt that the Bye-pass is the solution to put an end to the frequent traffic congestions in Cuncolim. The heavy vehicle movement through the market and residential areas also cause threat to the lives of the people, but saving residential houses is going to be my only priority Yuri Alemao asserted.

He said that, with an intention of saving the houses, alternate routes were proposed to the government and approved. The said route running parallel to Konkan Railway track still exists in the Regional Plan
– 21, Yuri Alemao pointed.

I urge the PWD Minister and the Chief Minister to ensure that the route which gives relief to the residents must be chosen for the bypass, Yuri Alemao stated.