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BJP’s fake Guts exposed in Amit Shah’s meeting: Amarnath Panjikar



Panaji, April 16: In a scathing attack on BJP, Chairman of Congress Media Cell, Amarnath Panjikar on Sunday said that leaders of saffron party including Union Home Minister Amit Shah failed to show guts to speak ‘truth over Mhadei’ issue in front people of Goa.

Couple of days ago, hitting out at Goa unit BJP president Sadanand Shet Tanavade, who had said that the party leaders have guts to tell even the Karnataka media that the state government will not compromise on the Mhadei river issue, the Congress leader had dared BJP leaders to show the ‘guts’ in presence of Home Minister Amit Shah.

Recently, Tanavade said that “even if the Karnataka media questions us on the Mhadei issue, we will make the statement that the government will not compromise on this issue, we have the guts (to make a statement)”.

Reacting to this, Chairman of Congress Media Cell, Amarnath Panjikar had said that this guts should be shown during the public meeting of Amit Shah in Goa.

“Today none of the BJP leaders dared to speak over the Mhadei issue during the public meeting. However Amit Shah tried to divert the issue by boasting of state budgets schemes, which always remains unfulfilled,” Panjikar said.

In January, during a rally in Karnataka’s Belagavi, Amit Shah had said: “Today, I am here to tell you that the BJP at the Centre has resolved the long dispute between Goa and Karnataka over Mhadei and allowed the diversion of Mhadei to Karnataka to satisfy the thirst of farmers of many districts.”

“Pramod Sawant and other leaders of BJP had got a good opportunity to clarify this issue, in the presence of Amit Shah. Forget about speaking in front of the media in Karnataka, but the state BJP leaders failed to make a statement in Goa itself.” Panjikar said.

“BJP has today proved that it is ‘Masters of U-Turn’ and doesn’t have guts to face the public on Mhadei issue. They only know how to suppress voice of people who seek justice against their dictatorship. Today all Goans have come to know the ‘real fake face’ of BJP leaders,” he said.

“I further dare them to make a statement over Mhadei in Karnataka that they will not compromise on Mhadei. Let us see your daring,” Panjkar baiting BJP said.

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