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BJP Velim Mandal Leads ‘Tiranga’ Rally Across South Goa Villages on 77th Independence Day



On the occasion of the 77th Independence Day, BJP Velim Mandal, under the leadership of Savio Rodrigues, organized a spirited ‘Tiranga’ rally, traversing various villages within the South Goa constituency.

The rally commenced with a flag hoisting ceremony at the Government School in San Jose De Areal. The event was graced by children who sang patriotic melodies and shared reflections on India’s rich unity in diversity. Addressing the young audience, Savio Rodrigues, the BJP leader, emphasized, “The destiny of India rests in your hands, dear children. Your notions of humanity, innocence, and selflessness instill hope in our nation. Safeguarding our freedom requires unwavering thoughts and actions. Let us always remember that we are Indians first.”

Bedazzled in the ‘Tiranga’ flag, BJP Karyakartas rode bikes and drove cars through the sprawling expanse of the seven panchayats of Velim. En route, they paused at the Ram Mandir, Krishna Mandir, and Baradi Cross to pay homage and seek serenity through prayer.

A significant boost to the rally came as BJP State Vice-President and former Deputy Chief Minister of Goa, Chandrakant (Babu) Kavlekar, joined the motorcade at the Ram Mandir in Rangalim, Velim. Kavlekar spurred on the Karyakartas, affirming, “This marks the inaugural bike rally orchestrated by BJP Velim Mandal encompassing the entire constituency. Witnessing the mandal, led by Savio Rodrigues and other office bearers, engaging with the people of Velim, understanding their concerns, and initiating change is truly motivating.”

During their expedition, BJP Velim Mandal also paid homage to the Arolkar family, descendants of a Freedom fighter, and connected with Freedom fighter Namdev Lotlikar. The Mandal’s leadership conveyed gratitude and respect to these freedom fighters and their families for their invaluable contributions to Velim, Goa, and the nation.

The bike rally culminated at the Betul Fort, situated on the outskirts of Velim, where BJP Velim Mandal paid a heartfelt tribute to Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. Savio Rodrigues, the BJP leader, urged the Goan populace to draw inspiration from one of India’s most fearless leaders, imploring them to champion the cause of India’s identity and its people.

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