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BJP uses us for votes, fails to give rights, defeat their candidates: Bahujan Samaj



Panaji: Bahujan Samaj leaders on Sunday alleged that BJP expresses concern for this Samaj only during election and appealed people not to fall prey to their tactics and to defeat BJP candidates.

Bahujan Samaj leaders including Congress leader Girish Chodankar, former Minister Chandrakant Chodankar, former MLA Dharma Chodankar, AAP President Amit Palyelar on Sunday addressed a press conference and appealed to people to vote for Congress candidates.

Amarnath Panjikar, Sunil Kawthankar, Uday Chari, Nilesh Chari, NCP leader Avinash Bhosle, Sharad Chopdekar, Pradip Naik and Virendra Shirodkar were present.

Girish Chodankar said that BJP and RSS ideology is against Bahujan Samaj. “RSS wants to end reservation. They have already started this procedure. But during the election they show fake concern about Bahujan Samaj. People should understand their politics to gain votes,” Chodankar said.

Pointing out that, Shripad Naik is a tall leader in BJP, but doesn’t have value in the party.

“We should understand the politics of BJP, they never gave the opportunity to Shripad Naik to become Chief Minister. There is no value for him in the BJP. He could not even get an assembly election ticket for his son,” Chodankar said.

He said that Rahul Gandhi has focused on social justice and has shared the idea of caste census. “This will help Bahujan Samaj for reservations and improve their living standard,” Chodankar said.

He appealed to people to vote for Ramakant Khalap and south Goa candidate Capt. Viriato Fernandes to save democracy.

Amit Palyekar said that people of Goa were expecting that Shripad Naik will raise issues concerning Bahujan Samaj, but he has failed. “Shripad Naik should have raised issues of Bahujan Samaj, but he never did it,” he said.

“BJP has failed to provide jobs to our youths. Though there are reservations, without paying for a job our youths are not getting it. BJP MLA Atanasio Monserrate had alleged that there was a job scam, when Deepak Pauskar was Minister for PWD. However, BJP has now hobnobbed him for votes,” Palyekar said.

Avinash Bhosle said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Amit Shah and other leaders of BJP are trying to create fear among people that Congress will give share of OBC to minorities. “I condemn their political tactics. We need to protect our democracy by defeating the BJP who are trying to divide people over caste and religion,” he said.

He appealed to bahujan Samaj to vote and elect both candidates of Congress.

Chandrakant Chodankar said that North Goa candidate Adv. Ramakant Khalap has high respect in Delhi and has done a lot of work for the people of the state.

“I appeal to the people of Bahujan Samaj to vote for him and elect him for the betterment of the state. As a former law minister, Khalap has made Goa proud,” he said.

Dharma Chodankar said that Khalap proved his leadership while he was law minister. “Women’s reservation bill was tabled by him. Such many good things he has done and hence I appeal everyone to vote for him,” he said.

Panajikar said that BJP has failed to give rights to OBC. “Every time we have to approach court to seek justice,” Panajikar said.

“Scholarship is delayed for years in the BJP regime. Students of Bahujan Samaj meet injustice by this government. Backlog posts are not filled by BJP. Government failed to provide land to Bhandari Samaj,” he said.

Uday Chari said that there is need to elect both candidates of Congress to get justice for Bahujan Samaj. “We need to save the constitution and democracy. BJP wants to change the constitution. We need to be alert,” he said.

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