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BJP Slams Congress’s Inheritance Tax Proposal and Accuses Party of Hypocrisy on Secularism



The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has launched a blistering critique against the Congress party, particularly targeting its proposed inheritance tax as a form of what they describe as ‘posthumous looting’. The BJP spokesperson, Shri. Giriraj Pai Vernekar, criticized the Congress’s willingness to introduce such a tax, arguing that it reflects a tendency to strip families of their assets even after the death of their patriarch. This criticism was articulated during a press conference held at the BJP’s Panaji office, where Vernekar was joined by other party representatives including Adv. Yatish Naik, Shri. Sameer Mandrekar, and ZP member Mrs. Diksha Kanolkar.

Vernekar’s critique extended beyond the proposed tax, delving into what he sees as the Congress party’s hypocrisy on matters of secularism. He pointed to recent incidents, such as the Neha Hiremath murder case in Karnataka, where he alleges the Congress leadership has failed to address communal tensions adequately. Vernekar emphasized the importance of consistency in political messaging, highlighting discrepancies between the party’s rhetoric and actions.

Adding to the BJP’s reproach, Adv. Yatish Naik criticized the Congress’s manifesto, accusing the party of casualness and misrepresentation. Naik highlighted instances where the manifesto allegedly used misleading imagery to depict development, questioning the party’s commitment to transparency and honesty in governance. Naik further questioned the efficacy of the Congress’s development model, citing examples from Karnataka and Himachal Pradesh where funding shortages allegedly hindered progress.

Shri. Sameer Mandrekar, another BJP spokesperson, condemned a recent resolution in Karnataka aimed at providing religious-based reservations to the Muslim community within the OBC category. Mandrekar argued that such a move would contravene constitutional principles and could potentially marginalize other communities within the OBC bracket. He also reiterated the BJP’s development record, contrasting it with what he described as the lackluster performance of the Congress during its tenure.

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