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BJP should come clear over Mining, Coal and defection: INDIA bloc



Panaji: INDIA bloc spokespersons on Friday alleged that BJP government has hoodwinked mining dependents over resumption of mining every election and urged not to fall prey to their promises.

INDIA bloc spokesperson Tulio De Souza along with Goa Forward Vice President Ashma Bi and AAP Vice President Sandesh Talekar Desai on Friday addressed a press conference and attacked the BJP government over mining, defection and coal handling issues.

“Former Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar had alleged of a mining scam and had submitted a PAC report in the speakers office. He had alleged of Rs 3500 crores scam in mining. But later nothing happened,” he said.

“Shah commission had said that this scam could be Rs 35000 crore. In 2013, BJP govt had formed SIT to investigate it. Government should tell what happened in this investigation and who were involved in it,” Tulio Dsouza said.

“BJP should tell whether they used the Mining scam to usurp power by accusing Congress. People should come to know about it,” he said.

Targeting Congress turncoat Sankalp Amonkar, he said that BJP MLA has failed to utter a single word on coal issue after joining saffron party. “Why doesn’t he take up the issue of coal handling in Mormugao. People from the area are suffering because of coal transportation, but Sankalp Amonkar is mum after joining BJP,” he said.

Ashma BI said that BJP is encouraging defection and killing democracy. “They rob the mandate of people. They bulldoze the voice of people. They have no right to speak on the constitution, when they encourage defection,” She said, adding the BJP is trying to finish the constitution by purchasing MLAs.

Recalling a political advertisement run by ‘Friends of Good Governance’ (FOGG) before the 2012 assembly election, Ashma questioned why this same group is not speaking against those whom they were targeting. “Are they mum because these defectors now joined BJP,” she questioned.

Sandesh Talekar Desai said that coal handling is going on, though promised by BJP leaders to stop it. “People are against the coal handling. But despite this double engine the government gave environment clearance for coal handling,” he said.

“Sankalp Amonkar should make it clear whether he has done setting with MPA,” he said.

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