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BJP Lost South Goa Seat Due to Public Anger and Misgovernance, Says Congress VP Sunil Kawthankar



Panaji: Sunil Kawthankar, Vice President of the Goa Pradesh Congress Committee, attributed BJP’s loss of the South Goa seat to widespread public dissatisfaction with the Modi-led government. He cited misgovernance, massive corruption, arrogance, and anti-democratic actions, including engineering defections to undermine the public mandate, as primary reasons for the defeat.

Kawthankar criticized BJP leaders for blaming Catholic priests for their loss, noting that this contradicts Chief Minister Dr. Pramod Sawant’s statement that the Archbishop’s circular was actually in BJP’s favor. He suggested that BJP should engage in introspection to understand the shifting voter base, which is moving towards Congress due to dissatisfaction with BJP’s corrupt and communal politics.

“Statistics reveal that of the approximate 130,000 Catholic voters, 80% voted for Congress, indicating significant Hindu voter support for Congress as well,” Kawthankar pointed out. He emphasized that Goan voters reject divisive politics, favoring a “live and let live” philosophy that respects different ways of life and beliefs.

He further challenged BJP to reflect on their defeat in Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh, questioning if Catholic voters were responsible there too. Kawthankar also defended Vijai Sardesai, calling BJP’s comments a sign of desperation and fear of their respected alliance partner, who poses a major threat to the current government.

Sunil Kawthankar also Criticizes Communal Hatred, Cites Rahul Gandhi’s Victory Margin in UP Over PM Modi: In a recent tweet, Sunil Kawthankar pointed out that Rahul Gandhi of Congress won by more than 3.9 lakh votes in BJP-ruled Uttar Pradesh, while Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s margin was approximately 1.5 lakh votes. He questioned the role of ‘Catholic Priests’ in the BJP’s defeat, urging an end to communal hatred and division in India. he tweeted

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