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BJP attacking church to hide reality of Bahujan Samaj, cadres ire: Girish Chodankar



Panaji: Demanding arrest of Mormugao BJP MLA Sankalp Amonkar and Spokesperson Giriraj Pai Vernekar for creating religious tensions, Congress leader Girish Chodankar on Thursday said that BJP is blaming ‘church’ and ‘religious leaders’ for defeat of South Goa Lok Sabha seat to divert attention from reality wherein its cadre voted to Congress and Bahujan Samaj distancing from saffron party.

Senior Congress leader Girish Chodankar on Thursday filed a complaint against Sankalp Amonkar and Giriraj Pai Vernekar for inciting violence against catholic priests which can trigger a Manipur-like situation.

Chodankar, Permanent Member of CWC, said that both the BJP leaders accused Catholic priests of polarising the people of Salcete taluka, attributing this as the reason for the BJP’s loss in the South Goa parliamentary constituency.

“How BJP can blame religious leaders and church if their cadre itself didn’t accept the candidate and if Bahujan Samaj distanced them. They are trying to divert attention of public from this reality and are repeatedly attacking church. This is not acceptable as we believe in protecting our harmony,” Chodankar said.

He demanded that both the leaders should be arrested to send clear signal that such religious remarks will not be accepted.

“Post Lok Sabha election BJP leaders are repeatedly blaming church for their defeat in South Goa. During every election church play its role to guide the people. BJP remains mum when it favours them and blame church when they get defeated. Communal hatred is created by BJP and hence I have complained against them,” Chodankar said.

“Religious tensions are created by such incidents. BJP should accept the verdict. They have some hidden agendas and hence repeatedly targeting church. Party president Sadanand Shet Tanawade along with other MLAs & leaders are trying to spoil the harmony of Goa,” he said.

“BJP fielded the richest candidate, still they got defeated. They had 15 MLAs and the whole cabinet to campaign including Prime Minister. Still, the people of Goa have shown them doors. BJP is trying to cover their failures by attacking church. Their cadre itself didn’t accept the candidate. They voted us and even Bahuajn Samaj has distanced from BJP. This is visible in talukas like Ponda, Quepem, Sanguem, Canacona and Mormugao,” Chodankar pointed out.

“How BJP can blame religious leaders and church if their cadre itself didn’t accept the candidate and if Bahujan Samaj distanced them,” he said.

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