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BJP Government in Goa Pledges Enhanced Healthcare and Development Initiatives; Health Minister Outlines Vision for the State’s Well-being



Panaji: In a comprehensive briefing at the BJP headquarters in Panaji, Health Minister Shri. Vishwajit Rane laid out an extensive vision for healthcare and development initiatives in Goa. Rane detailed the government’s efforts to merge Ayushman Bharat and Deen Dayal Swasthya Seva Yojana, aiming to maximize health benefits for every citizen. Highlighting the success of existing schemes such as free cancer treatments and advanced medical services, Rane underscored the commitment to ensuring the well-being of Goans.

Significantly, plans were revealed for the establishment of AIIMS hospitals and a private medical college, signaling a substantial investment in enhancing medical infrastructure across the state. Rane emphasized the importance of these initiatives in providing accessible and modern healthcare facilities to all residents.

With an eye on the upcoming elections, Rane urged voters to consider the BJP’s track record of transformative governance. He highlighted the leadership of Prime Minister Shri. Narendra Modi and Chief Minister Pramod Sawant in driving progress and development in Goa. Rane’s address also featured endorsements for key candidates, expressing confidence in their abilities to serve the people effectively.

In a final note, Rane called upon the opposition to introspect on the growing exodus of leaders from their ranks, urging them to address internal challenges for the benefit of the state.

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