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BJP fails to ‘guarantee’ women’s safety: Mahila Congress



Panaji: Goa Mahila Pradesh Congress on Friday alleged that BJP government has failed to give ‘guarantee’ of protection of women and their safety.

GMPC President Beena Naik on Friday addressed a press conference in Congress House and attacked the BJP government over increasing crime against women.

Vice President Dr. Pramod Salgaonkar and General Secretary Libby Madeira were also present.

Beena Naik said that this month will be celebrated as women’s day, wherein they will be guided for their safety.

“In the regime of BJP, crime against women is increasing. BJP has protected rapists and criminals across the country. In our country woman is raped in every seventeen minutes. Three women are trafficked every day and in every 84 minutes a bride is murdered for dowry,” She said, adding 12 women are attacked with acid every month.

Naik said that BJP boasts of ‘Bethi Bachao Bethi Padao’, but in BJPs regime girl child and women are not safe.

“BJP has the highest numbers of MPs and MLAs accused of crime against women. They have given election tickets to criminals and given a safe environment for them by protecting their crimes,” Naik said.

She said that the BJP failed to protect women in Manipur during the violence.
“Hundreds of women in Manipur were sexually harassed. But still Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Union Minister Smriti Irani failed to protect them. Modi had time to visit foreign countries, but had no time to visit Manipur to see the plight of people,” Naik said.

Naik said that though BJP boasts of its guarantee for women protection, but in reality has failed.

She said that dalit women are also facing crime against them, but the BJP government has failed to give them protection.

“In Goa too, crimes against women are taking place. Hence this government should be voted out of power,” she said.

Dr. Pramod Salgaonkar said that crime against women is increasing.

“All types of crimes are committed against women. Annually 4.5 lakhs number of cases are registered. Even cases of domestic violence are surging. Women are not safe in home and also outside though there are laws,” Salgoankar said.

She said that the government has failed to appoint ‘Protection officers’ for women’.
“Government is not serious about these issues,” she said.

She also said that the ‘Goa Women Commission’ should take good steps to protect women and give guarantee of women safety.