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Margao – Congress Party has slammed the Ministers, MLAs and Office Bearers of the Bhartiya Janata Party for disrespecting Lord Shree Ganesh and has condemned the act.

Giving strong reaction to the photograph showing BJP Leaders and Workers standing wearing shoes with Shree Ganesh idol placed at their feet, Congress Party charged BJP of blasphemy.

Shameful act of blasphemy by the arrogant BJP Ministers, MLAs and Office Bearers. We strongly condemn this act of disrespect to Lord Shree Ganesh. Arrogance of the BJP Gang has reached a new high. Time has come to teach these reprobates a permanent lesson, Congress posted on its Social Media handles.

This is the true face of Flag Bearers of ‘Haram Rajya’ of BJP under J P Nadda & BJP Government under Prime Minister Narendra Modi. I am deeply hurt to see these scoundrels standing wearing Shoes & keeping the Holy Idol of Ganapati Bappa at their feet. I condemn this shameful act, stated Congress President Amit Patkar.

There is no pardon to this shameful act by RSS trained BJP Ministers, MLAs & Members. My sentiments are hurt. Subhash Veligkar, Will you speak against this disrespect of Vignaharta or keep your mouth shut? Where are the BJP Loudspeakers Shefali Vaidya and Giriraj Pai Vernekar, questioned Congress Social Media Incharge Divya Kumar.

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