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BJP-Congress secret deal now exposed says Valmiki Naik

Congress once deemed Lobo unfit to be a minister, now finds fit to induct him – AAP



Aam Aadmi Party’s Vice President Valmiki Naik took a potshot at Congress, saying that the party had deemed former Calangute MLA Michael Lobo unfit to be a minister, but now finds fit to induct him.

Naik argued that earlier the Congress made fun of Michael Lobo when it said, “Waste management minister to waste minister, what a fall!”, now Congress has inducted a waste minister into its ranks.

Naik said, “P. Chidambaram promised Congress Party workers in Goa six months ago that this election, the Congress would introduce 80 per cent new faces. This time, the Block Committee will choose their candidate. However, we know the status of Congress right now. Congress has introduced the same old faces. Unlike AAP, Congress leaders can’t guarantee their leaders won’t defect”.

“The Congress has begun playing politics in the late hours, similar to the BJP, which is known for its midnight dramas. Congress Calangute Block earlier made the statement that they are determined to defeat the Calangute MLA of the BJP, Michael Lobo, who destroyed the Calangute constituency. The same party has now inducted Lobo within one month”, he added.

Naik further said, “BJP and Congress have both failed to provide quality roads and inadequate power and water supply to the Goans and have been experiencing people’s wrath for that. That is why they have been indulging in pre poll settings”.

Sudesh Mayekar, AAP Calangute candidate stated that Lobo, who has destroyed Calangute, would now destroy Shivolim.

He said, “Michael Lobo, a former MLA of Calangute Constituency, who is currently campaigning in Shivolim, says people in Shivolim are facing a number of challenges due to a lack of basic facilities. He must first address the requirements of his constituents.”

He added, “The Congress and the BJP are two sides of the same coin. They have never worked to better the lives of common people, whereas AAP has a blueprint of development for Goa”.