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BJP Condemns Opposition’s Allegations on Constitution Imposition in Goa



Panaji: During a press conference at the BJP HQ in Panaji, former deputy chief minister Shri. Manohar alias Babu Ajgaonkar denounced the opposition’s campaign tactics during the Lok Sabha elections, labeling them as baseless rumors aimed at gaining political advantage. Ajgaonkar strongly criticized statements suggesting the forced imposition of the Indian Constitution on Goans, emphasizing the disrespect it shows towards Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar, the Constitution’s architect. He was joined by BJP’s SC Morcha president Shri. Siddhesh Pednekar, General Secretary Shri. Dattaram Redkar, and Shri. Vidyadhar Arlekar.

Asserting the significance of the Constitution in Indian democracy, Ajgaonkar highlighted its role in enabling individuals, including himself, to attain positions like Deputy Chief Minister. He criticized the Congress’s South Goa candidate, Viriato Fernandes, for his remarks on the Constitution, questioning his sudden change in stance upon entering politics.

Ajgaonkar reaffirmed BJP’s commitment to preserving the Constitution, condemning any attempts to alter it. He assured the support of the BJP government, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and the entire Bahujan, SC, and ST community in upholding the Constitution’s integrity.

Additionally, Ajgaonkar expressed confidence in the victory of both BJP candidates in Goa, asserting their strong prospects in the upcoming elections.

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