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Amid hearing into mining Lease in Sirigao settlement and shrines, govt says ‘ready to keep Lairai Devi Temple out of the lease block’



Panaji :The government has announced to remove Lairai Temple from the Sirigao mining lease block. Chief Minister Pramod Sawant, speaking to the media persons today said that if the land belongs to the government, it will be transferred to the Temple Trust and emphasized that opposing mining activity without cause is unnecessary, and issues can be resolved through dialogue.

The Bombay High Court in Goa had in October issued notices on three petitions challenging the Goa government’s decision to auction mining blocks I, II, and III in Sirigao village.

The petitions, filed by the Shri Devi Lairai Temple Trust, villagers, and others, demanded the exclusion of Sirigao settlement from the mining blocks. They also question the letters of intent issued to Vedanta Ltd, Salgaocar Shipping Co Pvt Ltd, and Rajaram Bandekar (Sirigao) Mines Pvt Ltd.

The petitioners emphasize the need to restore the village environment damaged over 50 years before allowing any mining activities. The petitions seek the cancellation of the letters of intent dated January 13, 2023 and the decisions of the Goa government to auction the mining blocks.