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AAP hits back: CM showing arrogance of power



Panaji: Aam Aadmi Party Goa Unit President Ad. Amit Palekar stated that the statement of CM Pramod Sawant that his government doesn’t need any advice from political parties demonstrates the arrogance of power.

Palekar said instead of taking AAP’s suggestion positively, the CM makes a statement that he doesn’t need to seek advice from the opposition and his government is capable of running the government schools.

As a consequence of the incapable BJP government, Palekar said, the number of government schools declined since last 10 years; however, private schools run by BJP’s party bearers have been flourishing in the last 10 years.

The CM recently blamed teachers for the deteriorating state of government schools and primary education. Palekar said, “Rather than pointing fingers at teachers, the CM should analyze his performance as education minister of Goa. It seems like the BJP government is playing with the future of the children of Goa”.

Palekar added, “AAP is willing to take delegation of students, teachers, officials from the Department of Education and Ministers so that they can observe how government schools are run and the state-of-the-art infrastructure has been constructed by the AAP government”.

AAP Vice President Ad. Surel Tilve demanded that the government should appoint a full-time education minister, noting that CM Sawant is overloaded with other portfolios.

Tilve stated the elementary school now serves only as a polling booth. The BJP administration has not made any efforts to improve the educational environment in schools.

AAP Vice President Valmiki Naik questioned CM Sawant, if he had read any research suggesting that Goa’s population would decline over the following ten years.

He said, “As individuals, we always plan with our future in mind. Even the government is required to prepare everything with the next ten years in mind. The Sawant government is occupied closing existing schools rather than expanding or improving current facilities”.