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AAP gains momentum as former BJP St. Andre leader Ramrao Wagh joins the party



Panaji: Aam Aadmi Party gained momentum after former BJP St. Andre leader Professor Ramrao Wagh joined the party on Monday, in the presence of AAP Goa desk in-charge Atishi.

Wagh, who contested the St Andre seat on BJP ticket during the 2017 state assembly elections claimed that the current incumbent MLA of St. Andre joined BJP in 2019 along with other nine Congress MLAs stating that he wants to carry out development works in St. Andre. However, he only works towards self-development.

Wagh challenged the incumbent MLA to show what kind of development work he has carried out since joining BJP. He said, “Currently, local governing bodies in St. Andre have no power. All decisions are made by the current legislator. The local officials who had been working hard have been transferred to other places”.

“The St Andre constituency needs to be fearless. This fear was dispelled by my brother Vishnu Wagh when he was an MLA. Many development works were conducted as a result. Unfortunately, the fear is once again prevalent among the people here”, he added.

“Over the last one and a half years, no Gramsabha has been organised by Panchayat members, which is mandatory for village development. Why are they afraid to organise Gramsabhas”, questioned Wagh?

“Meanwhile, AAP has been working silently for the last one year. AAP has been talking about free electricity, employment, guarantees for women, which will benefit the common people. The fact that even the government is now trying to come up with such initiatives shows the success of AAP. AAP is here to provide honest governance to the Goans. I urge people to vote for an honest party like AAP”, he added.

AAP Goa desk in-charge Atishi claimed that Ex Goa deputy speaker Vishnu Wagh and his brother Ram Rao Wagh have been the voice of Goa’s Bhandari community for many years and will always remain so. It was because of Vishnu Wagh, the Bhandari Samaj supported the BJP in the 2012 elections. However, the BJP government only used them for their politics and never done anything for them.

Atishi said, “disturbed by the politics of BJP, today Ramrao Wagh has joined the Aam Aadmi Party. He is the representative of educated Goans and want to work for the youth of Goa who has been facing severe challenges due to incumbent government.

Aam Aadmi Party posters were torn down in Sant Andre. On this, AAP leader Amit Palekar said, “Torning the poster will not destroy the thought. In the past five years, no development work has taken place here. Basic facilities like 24 hour electricity and proper roads aren’t available. St Andre needs a change now, and our newly appointed leader Wagh will strive to make that happen”.