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AAP Benaulim MLA Capt. Venzy Viegas Honors Arvind Kejriwal’s Birthday with Free Cataract Surgeries – Believes in Education and Health for Prosperous India



BENAULIM: In celebration of Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s birthday, AAP Benaulim MLA Capt. Venzy Viegas fulfilled his commitment by conducting three cost-free cataract surgeries for local residents. This initiative is part of the AAP Benaulim constituency’s free cataract operation scheme, which was launched by Capt. Venzy Viegas on August 9.

Capt. Venzy Viegas, a devoted follower of Arvind Kejriwal’s leadership since the time of the IAC movement, believes strongly in the pivotal role of education as the backbone of a prospering nation. Recognizing the importance of good health in achieving quality education, he initiated this unique agreement with Vision Clinic to provide free cataract operations to the people of Benaulim constituency.

“On Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s birthday, Capt. Venzy has successfully carried out three cataract operations for the residents of Benaulim constituency through this visionary partnership with Vision Clinic. Healthy eyesight empowers children to excel, ensuring a brighter and more rapid development of India towards becoming a global leader,” Viegas stated.

As a tribute to Arvind Kejriwal’s unwavering dedication to Delhi and his mentorship of states like Punjab, Goa, and Gujarat, Capt. Venzy conducted these surgeries on August 16. He emphasizes that the mission is ongoing, with more cataract operations scheduled for the upcoming months. Capt. Viegas encourages the residents of Benaulim constituency to visit the Vision Clinic, stressing the importance of healthy eyesight in each individual’s journey to success.”

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