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A new and unique outreach programme for the senior citizens of Mapusa Sub Division was rolled out by the Mapusa Sub Division police on saturday

Mapusa Sub Division consists of three police stations namely 1.Mapusa Police Station 2 Anjuna Police station and 3 Colvale Police station.



Panaji: The senior citizen outreach programme aims to take their grievances before a Sub-divisional Police Officer of the rank of DySP and get their issues redressed.
The programme was launched by SP north Shobit Saxena in the presence of SDPO mapusa Jivba dalvi and other officers.

“Goa Police will begun knocking doors of senior citizens and reaching out to them to make them aware about the safety issues under this major outreach progrmme” said SDPO Jivba dalvi

Under this outreach programme the police officers will talk to seniors about cyber and personal security and collect data on senior citizens living in Mapusa and also this programme will help in sorting out legal issues related to property matters of senior citizens as well as helping them at the time of crisis or medical emergency said SP north Shobit Saxena IPS .

Senior citizens gathered were over whelmed by this new and unique initiative. They expressed their happiness over the programme organised and the initiatives rolled out by the police for them.

SDPO Mapusa Jivba Dalvi further said that they have prepared a Greeting Cards and Important contacts which will be useful to the senior citizens are mentioned in the said card including beat officers . The card has a counterfoil wherein name, address and remark of the senior citizens are mentioned and said counterfoil will be pasted on the senior citizens register maintained in the office of SDPO Mapusa. The beat staff has been instructed to visit houses of senior citizens and submit counterfoil to this office. SDPO Mapusa will monitor the said register. The next greeting card will be sent auspicious occasions i.e on Independence day, Ganesh Chaturthi, Diwali, Goa liberation day, Christmas, New year, Republic day, Ester, Holi, Gudi padwa , Eid as a token of love and care.
senior citizens from Mapusa city , Anjuna Colvale attended the programme. They were familiarised with the police officers and the beat staff and important numbers were also shared.