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World Ocean Day: A Call to Protect Our Blue Planet



World Ocean Day highlights oceans’ crucial role in our lives and underscores the pressing need to protect them from deterioration. Observed annually on June 8th, this day is a global reminder of the ocean’s importance and the pressing need for its preservation. Recent surges in plastic waste in our oceans have raised global concern, calling for proactive measures from governments worldwide. As we know, nearly three-fourths of our planet is covered by water, making it our responsibility to shield our oceans and marine life from the threats posed by global warming.

Goa, renowned for its breathtaking beaches and thriving coastal environment, depends profoundly on its water reservoirs to sustain its tourism, fishing industries, and the daily routines of its residents. However, the recent surge in pollution, driven by human activities such as improper waste disposal and industrial runoff, poses a grave threat to the health of marine and freshwater ecosystems. This alarming reality extends beyond Goa, it reflects a widespread global issue as water pollution escalates to critical levels in various regions worldwide. In response to these pressing challenges, startups based in Goa, such as Wateria Technovation Private Limited, Velim Ecological Solutions and JK Nanosolutions Green Tech, are at the forefront of developing and implementing innovative technological solutions to address water pollution and conservation.

The Department of Information Technology, Electronics and Communications (DITE&C) in Goa is leading the way in fostering technological innovation and supporting startups that address critical environmental challenges. With a visionary approach, DITE&C is dedicated to creating a robust ecosystem that not only promotes IT and electronics advancements but also harnesses technology to solve critical issues such as water conservation and management. Numerous startups in Goa have thrived with the support of DITE&C, achieving remarkable progress.

One such innovative startup making waves in the realm of environmental protection is Stingray Robotix. Recognizing the potential harm that conventional underwater robots can pose to marine ecosystems—such as noise pollution from seismic surveys that disorient and harm marine animals—Stingray Robotix is developing bio-mimicking robots. These robots, designed to mimic marine animals, are used for studying marine life, conducting geological research, and exploring shipwrecks without harming ecosystems. Their natural movement allows for thorough, non-intrusive exploration and data collection in underwater environments. This startup is incubated at the Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani – Goa, leveraging cutting-edge research and innovation to drive its mission forward.

Wateria Technovation Private Limited is renowned for its comprehensive water and air filtration solutions. The company specializes in manufacturing and exporting water and wastewater treatment systems, including Media Filtration, Cartridge Filtration, Water Softening, Water Polishing Systems, Dosing Systems, Reverse Osmosis Systems, and Ultra Filtration Systems. Their efforts contribute significantly to reducing water pollution and promoting sustainable water management practices. This startup, incubated from the Centre for Incubation & Business Acceleration (CIBA), a technology business incubator based in Goa. Mr. Sylman Caiado, Founder of Wateria Technovation, emphasized the ocean’s vital role in sustaining life on Earth, highlighting its incredible biodiversity. He urged efforts to preserve the ocean by preventing pollution, especially the discharge of untreated sewage and waste into the sea. “By leveraging technology, we can monitor water quality in real-time and utilize this data to implement appropriate water purification and treatment systems. This technological approach helps us tackle water challenges and build a more resilient and sustainable water future.”

Velim Ecological Solutions Pvt Ltd stands as a prominent environmental solutions provider, boasting a portfolio of over 450 successfully implemented environmental engineering projects across various scales and applications. Their utilization of Nano-bubble Technology for water aeration has garnered attention. Demonstrations of this innovative technology were conducted at Kartavya Path Canal in Delhi and Anjuna Lake in Goa. Notably, Goa became the pioneer state in deploying Nano-bubble water rejuvenation technology, effectively addressing water contamination issues. Mr. Savio Rodrigues, the co-founder, emphasized the criticality of water conservation, urging governmental attention. He underscored the importance of water rejuvenation in enhancing the water cycle and highlighted the pivotal role of Sewage Treatment Plants (STPs) in safeguarding local water sources. By adopting an eco-friendly approach, STPs contribute significantly to ecosystem protection, ensuring the preservation of pristine environments and the vitality of water bodies and stress the collective responsibility to refrain from polluting water sources, thereby nurturing a sustainable environment.

JK Nanosolutions Green Tech, a nanotechnology-based startup, is making remarkable strides in water treatment and recycling. Their advanced nanotechnology products offer rapid, single-step, low-cost solutions for treating and recycling wastewater, industrial effluents, and sewage water. To date, JK Nanosolutions has successfully treated and reused over 10 million liters of water. In 2022, under the AMRUT Scheme—which aims to enhance the quality of life by providing essential civic amenities like water supply, sewerage, urban transport, and parks—JK Nanosolutions partnered with the Corporation of the City of Panaji (CCP) to address water-related issues in the Smart City initiative. On World Ocean Day, Dr. S. C. G. Kiruba Daniel, founder of JK Nanosolutions, emphasized the critical role oceans play in our lives and the urgent need to recognize their significance. He highlighted the increasing influx of new pollutants into the environment and stressed the importance of reducing, recycling, and reusing to mitigate these impacts. Dr. Daniel pointed out that nano plastics pose a serious threat to marine life and ecosystems, urging, “If we take care of the ocean, it will, in turn, take care of our ecosystem.”

Startups are stepping up to address these challenges by leveraging technology and innovation to develop sustainable water management solutions. The Department of Information Technology, Electronics and Communications (DITE&C) commitment to nurturing technological innovation and supporting water-based startups exemplifies its broader vision of sustainable development and technological excellence. As Goa continues to evolve as a hub of innovation, DITE&C remains a driving force behind the state’s progress, ensuring that technology serves the greater good and paves the way for a sustainable future.

On World Ocean Day, we acknowledge the transformative power of technology in shaping a sustainable, inclusive, and prosperous future for our oceans. However, with this power comes the responsibility to develop and implement technology ethically and in alignment with our environmental values.

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