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Taleigao residents still await independence from bad roads: Cecille Rodrigues



Panaji- The national youth wing president of the Aam Aadmi Party Cecille Rodrigues in a recent video posted on her Social Media page lambasted Taleigao MLA Jennifer Monserrate for ignoring the pothole-ridden Taleigao-Santa Cruz road stretch.

According to Rodrigues, even though the MLA and PWD have been made aware of the poor conditions of the roads in Taleigao, the issue has not been resolved. Residents of Taleigao yet to gain independence from bad roads.

Rodrigues had previously exposed the pathetic condition of the Taleigao-Santa Cruz road stretch on 17 June 2021. She said, “During the state assembly elections, potholes along this stretch of road were repaired, but because of poor workmanship by the contractors, they are resurfaced again”.

Due to potholes on the Taleigao-Santa Cruz road stretch, both Taleigao and Santa Cruz commuters have been suffering. Rodrigues demanded that the PWD officials should take notice of this, hold contractors accountable, and order them to fix the bad roads.

Meanwhile, Rodrigues spoke with the Executive Engineer of the Public Works Department regarding the poor condition of the roads, and he assured her that work would be done as soon as possible