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Startups Gained Expert Knowledge to Solve Challenges at Founders Club



Panaji, July 04, 2024: Addressing problems in creative and effective ways, ecosystem experts introduced innovative suggestions to tackle challenges during the 11th episode of the Founder’s Club, titled “Innovative Solutions, Staying Ahead of Industry Trends.” The event was held at FiiRE, Fatorda, and organized by the Startup & IT Promotion Cell, Department of IT, Electronics, and Communications (DoITE&C), Goa.

The panel discussion, moderated by Mr. Kishore Shah, Managing Trustee at GDP Foundation, showcased an impressive lineup of tech startups specializing in assistive technology, HR solutions, education technology, and marine technology. The panel included Mr. D. Raghu Duth, Founder of Kaiteki Innovations Pvt Ltd, Ms. Seeya Dalvi, co-founder of Creative HR Solutions, Mr. Syam Ivaturi, Founder of DishaAI Edutech Solutions Pvt Ltd, and Mr. Madhup Juneja, co-Founder of StingRay Robotix. Each founder outlined their business challenges, which were met with insightful recommendations from key players in the ecosystem.

Kaiteki Innovations Pvt Ltd is specializing in assistive technology, aims to bridge the accessibility gap for people with special needs. However, the startup faces significant challenges in scaling and sales. During the discussion, industry experts offered several strategic suggestions. They recommended leveraging Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives to gain broader support and visibility. Establishing HR connections could facilitate partnerships and potential client introductions. Enhancing product design to improve usability and appeal was also suggested, along with pursuing patents to protect their innovations and exploring export opportunities. Additionally, integrating Internet of Things (IoT) and voice connectivity into their products could significantly enhance functionality and user experience, making the technology more adaptive and accessible.

Creative HR Solutions is a premier staffing solution company and is dedicated to delivering the most suitable and desired profiles by sourcing the right candidates. The startup faces significant challenges in branding. Experts advised developing predictive analytics for attrition to help clients manage and retain their workforce more effectively. Implementing upskilling programs and improving data retention and compliance at the HR level were also recommended. Additionally, making resumes more compatible with AI systems could streamline the recruitment process. To bridge local talent gaps, the experts suggested enhancing local recruitment strategies. They also highlighted bridging local talent gaps, addressing recruitment assistance challenges at the startup level, and ensuring trust and confidentiality in data management.

DishaAI Edutech Solutions Pvt Ltd is a comprehensive education technology provider, offering continuous assessment tools, complementary educational programs, and enterprise systems to help schools create an integrated pedagogy for students. However, the startup is currently facing challenges in scaling its operations. During the panel discussion, several strategic suggestions were made to address these challenges. One key recommendation was to improve the product output to be more suggestive rather than prescriptive, allowing for greater adaptability and user engagement. Experts also suggested understanding parent’s needs and concerns more deeply to tailor the product effectively. They emphasized the importance of a long-term evaluation period to truly measure the success of their initiatives. Forming parent groups to trial assessments could provide valuable feedback and instead of directly approaching schools, the experts recommended engaging with HR departments, which could facilitate broader acceptance and integration of the technology.

StingRay Robotix is at the forefront of developing bio-mimicking robots designed to replicate marine animals. These innovative robots are used for studying marine life, conducting geological research, and exploring shipwrecks, all without causing harm to ecosystems. Despite their advanced technology, StingRay Robotix faces challenges in acquiring customers. One recommendation was to explore opportunities for sea mapping collaborations with multinational companies leveraging their advanced technology to tap into their extensive resources and potential interest in using these robots for underwater exploration and research.

The Founder’s Club Episode 11 was filled with dynamic discussions and valuable suggestions aimed at helping these startups overcome their challenges and continue their path to success.

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