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Reginald Camilo D’Costa, Sambhaji Brigade, Promises to bring in a paradigm shift in Goan politics



Reginald Camilo D’Costa, a Goan at heart and a hotelier by profession has entered the political arena to bring about a change in the corrupt system that is hounding the beautiful state of Goa for quite some time now. He has joined hands with the Sambhaji Brigade, a Pune based All India Party, which is headed by Mr. Purshotam Khedekar. The Sambhaji Brigade has more than 2,50,000 primary members and is a registered party since 2016. Reginald is the head of the Goa Unit of Sambhaji Brigade.

Sambhaji Brigade has nominated Mrs. Maria Reginald D’Costa as its candidate for the Mandrem constituency, Mrs Diana Ivo D’Costa as its candidate for the Siolim constituency, and Mukesh Naik, a powerful politician as the Shiroda constituency candidate. Mukesh has resigned from the Congress party and will contest on the candidature of Sambhaji Brigade. The three candidates have already filed their nomination papers on January 28, 2022. This way the Sambhaji Brigade is set to contest at the forthcoming Goa assembly elections from North and well as South Goa.

Reginald informed that his candidates would start their campaign from February 1, 2022, when the restrictions on electoral canvassing as imposed by the Election Commission of India would we withdrawn. “I and my candidates will present the manifesto of Sambhaji Brigade to the voters from Mandrem, Siolim and Shiroda along with the cards informing about their respective polling stations and polling booth number,” he said, pointing out that the voters would be asked to preserve the manifesto of Sambhaji Brigade, which would be their ticket to the assistance of any kind of trouble through the police, panchayat or their representative MLA can come to the president who will solve their problem. Or if their problem cannot be solved through him he will provide free advocates and solicitors which he has already appointed.

Speaking further, Reginald said that in the event of the candidates of Sambhaji Brigade getting elected, he would extend support to the government. “However, it is very important that the political party forming the government accepts the manifesto of Sambhaji Brigade and has a Common Minimum Programme with Sambhaji Brigade,” he stressed, maintaining that otherwise, the Sambhaji brigade would opt for working as a constructive opposition, and playing the role of a watchdog to prevent corruption of any kind in the governance.

It was also informed that the three candidates of the Sambhaji Brigade would undertake door-to-door campaigning as also an app would be used for the purpose of this canvassing. The party will establish personal contact with the 32,655 voters of Mandrem, 29,421 voters of Siolim and 29,542 voters of Shiroda.

Reginald stated that although his party wanted to field many more candidates for this election, it was not possible as the party had limited time on its hand, and furthermore, although there were many desirous candidates who wanted to contest on Sambhaji Brigade candidature in other constituencies, their supporters were afraid to come out in open with the support. “However, the Sambhaji Brigade intends to contest in more constituencies, in the future polls. As well he will file all the panchayat and municipality candidates who has to do at least 12th Pass” he noted.

Sambhaji Brigade also argued that in all three constituencies it is contesting the election, there would be a straight fight between the Sambhaji Brigade verses Bharatiya Janata Party.

“In Mandrem, our four main rivals are Dayanand Sopte of the BJP, Laxmikant Parsekar as an Independent candidate, Jeet Arolkar of the Maharashtrawadi Gomantak Party and Deepak Kalangutkar of the Goa Forward Party,” Reginald stated, further clarifying that if victorious, Parsekar would go back to his parent political party, the BJP; and Arolkar’s MGP as well as Kalangutkar’s GFP would too go with the BJP in a post-poll scenario as they had done after 2017 Goa assembly elections. So it is BJP verses Reginald Sambhaji Brigade.

“In Siolim constituency, Dayanand Mandrekar is a BJP candidate, while Delilah Lobo, wife of Michael Lobo, who is an independent candidate would eventually turn to BJP, of which her husband was an MLA for last 10 years,” he predicted, further pointing out, “In Shiroda too, the situation is quite similar- Subhash Shirodkar verses Reginalds Sambhaji Brigade”

Reginald further said that the government funds received by the constituencies represented by the Sambhaji Brigade MLAs, would be utilized in a non-corrupt and transparent way. “I would be employing a lottery system to award the public works to contractors, so that the works are done in an unbiased manner,” he noted.

The Sambhaji Brigade assures that all government-aided schools would be made to offer free education to students. It also promises free treatment and free electricity as well as water up till certain units to the people under this category. Every woman under this category would be eligible for a monthly financial support of Rs 5,000, states the manifesto of Sambhaji Brigade.

Assuring that the POGO Bill would be brought and passed in the state legislative assembly and the people residing in Goa for up to past 25 years, would be given the POGO status, under second category, the Sambhaji Brigade manifesto states that 120 taxi stands – 3 in each constituency – would be established in Goa and they would provide taxies as well as jobs of taxi drivers to the Goan youth.

Sambhaji Brigade further proposes to make Goa a Drug-free State. It further states that casinos would be allowed to operate until new jobs are generated for every employable Goan.

A crusader for a change, Reginald observed that the identity of Goa needs to be preserved, and this could be only possible if there is corruption-free government in Goa. He feels that Sambhaji Brigade could accomplish this task faithfully by delivering the assurances given in its manifesto. He requests all the Goan voters to think about Goa before anything else and cast their vote in favour of Sambhaji Brigade.

Reginald promises to the voters and Goans that hence fourth any party form the government and don’t pass the PWD and constable jobs through lottery to completely stop the corruption. He will go on hunger strike after the first assembly.

Manifesto of Sambhaji Brigade Party

Guarantee not declaration !!

Sambhaji Brigade is publishing party manifesto in Goa Assembly elections. What is special is that this manifesto is not just a manifesto, it is a guarantee given to you by the party. Therefore, you should keep this guarantee with you forever. So that you are being treated unfairly in any administrative office. You may be in trouble. Or if there is any crisis in front of you, you should bring this manifesto letter to our office. We will resolve your queries immediately after seeing this guarantee, providing timely free legal advice and free lawyers. For that, we request you to keep this manifesto letter …

Another important point is that in all the forthcoming Panchayat elections, the party will give preference to highly educated candidates. Twelfth pass and undergraduate and postgraduate candidates will be nominated and as many highly educated youth as possible will be at the forefront of politics at all levels. We will try for this.

Therefore, we are publishing the manifesto of the party in this election as follows.

  1. Corruption free Goa is the slogan of the party and corruption will be stopped 100%.
  2. By making the recruitment of government servants 100% transparent, we will reserve all the seats for the locals. We will also create more government jobs and stop privatization of government industries.
  3. Goa State needs the most honest Chief Minister. Therefore, Sambhaji Brigade will always be vigilant to meet this need. Also, in order to elect an honest Chief Minister, if a timely lottery has to be drawn, whichever party will play the role. We will stand with that party.
  4. We will bring about an educational revolution in the state of Goa and establish international standard education and learning institutions for all.
  5. Up to 200 units of electricity will be provided free of cost to all the villages in the state by providing uninterrupted and adequate power supply.
  6. Minimum basic price will be given to farmers’ agricultural produce. Also, agricultural produce sales centers will be set up at the places required for them.
  7. By preparing a new vision document for the development of the state, the relevant plan will be implemented immediately.
  8. By making milk revolution in the state, the state will become self-sufficient and leading in milk production.
  9. Recognize the need for new roads, bridges, flyovers in every nook and corner of the state to eliminate road accidents. Improving the quality of transport, improving the transport system and striving for an accident free Goa
  10. Grants will be given to all schools by increasing the number of government schools. Also these schools will be of international standard
  11. In addition to modernizing the airline, the airport will be expanded and the airline will start operating at affordable rates.
  12. Increase the number of toilets in the city as well as in the village and close the inconvenience caused by lack of toilets.
  13. E-library will be started in all the villages of the state as well as in every department.
  14. The quality of all government hospitals in the state will be improved and medicines of government companies will be given free to the poor.
  15. Mining business in the state will be resumed.
  16. To increase the economic growth rate of the state and make the state a leader in the country
  17. Local artists in the state and their artistic talents will be encouraged. Also, by promoting arts, sports and culture, Goa will become an international tourist destination.
  18. Complete all unfinished and partial projects in the state. Also IT and NIT projects will be completed.
  19. We will make all the tourist places and beaches in the state free from plastics and garbage and will make the world envious.
  20. By creating a state of law and order, we will create a new identity of a state free from fear and crime.
  21. Preserve, nurture and beautify all historical heritage sites.
  22. In every village a magnificent playground, jogging track and exercise school will be started and all the gymnasiums will be provided with the required amount of exercise equipment.
  23. Doctor outside every Panchayat.
  24. Multi-purpose halls will be constructed in all panchayats.
  25. Self-employment tools will be made available to women and they will be given huge financial assistance.
  26. Industrialization will be promoted. Industry and trade will also be expanded. Apart from that, a new strategy for the upliftment and progress of all, including all entrepreneurs and traders, will be formulated and implemented effectively.