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NSUI Protests at Azad Maidan Against NEET Exam Discrepancies



Panaji: The National Students’ Union of India (Goa) organized a protest against the irregularities in the NEET exam on June 11, 2024, at 3:30 PM at Azad Maidan. The demonstration saw participation from NEET aspirants, MBBS students from Goa Medical College, and members of civil society.

Naushad Chowdhari, the state president, strongly criticized Union Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan for his inaction regarding the alleged NEET paper leak, scoring anomalies, suspicious timing of result releases, clustering of toppers from single centers, and question paper leaks.

“The discrepancies in the NEET exam, which is taken by 12th-grade students aspiring for a medical career, have left 24 lakh students in distress. Particularly, thousands of Goan students who took the NEET UG 2024 are affected,” lamented Chowdhari.

Adv. Prasenjeet Dhage, in charge of Goa University for NSUI, emphasized the severe impact on students. “NEET aspirants spend a year or more preparing for this test, and now, due to the paper leak, their careers are in jeopardy. Sincere aspirants are being put at risk for the benefit of a few,” he stated.

NSUI has written to CM Dr. Pramod Sawant and Union Minister Shripad Naik, urging them to find a solution that addresses these concerns and restores trust in the examination system. “Students’ futures are at stake, and they must have confidence in the fairness and integrity of the exams they undertake,” read the memorandum.

NSUI Goa demanded that the CMO of Goa, on behalf of Goan students, write to the Union Ministry of Education and NTA, urging them to address the concerns of NEET aspirants, reorganize the NEET exam, and identify the perpetrators. They also called for measures to ensure a transparent and trustworthy examination process. “It’s crucial to reassure students and uphold the credibility of our medical education system,” said Chowdhari.