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Manipal Hospital Goa Organizing Manipal Super Cricket League, an Inter IMA Branch Cricket Tournament



Goa, 14 March 2024: Manipal Hospital (MH) Goa is the organizer for an Inter Indian Medical Association (IMA) branch cricket tournament on Sunday, 17th March 2024 at Panjim Gymkhana. The main objective of the event is to foster community engagement and raise awareness of the physical and mental well-being among the doctors.

Medical professionals’ high-demand nature of work can affect their mental and emotional health. Also, issues related to stress such as burnout, and emotional tiredness can stem from long hours and being responsible for making life-changing decisions for patients. Hence, to promote self-care and resilience in the face of stress by prioritizing the well-being of doctors, Manipal Hospitals Goa decided to host an Inter IMA branch cricket tournament. All the IMA branches will be participating in this friendly competition and take the opportunity to network with other medical professionals.

On this occasion Dr. Sandesh Chodankar, President, Indian Medical Association Goa State said “As we all know outdoor sports activities serve as a natural stress buster to any human being. Doctors are no exception to this. In this context, I applaud Manipal Hospitals for arranging the Inter IMA branch cricket tournament. I urge all the IMA branches to form a team and come out of their busy schedule to relax, engage, and rejuvenate themselves. It is high time we give time to ourselves to keep ourselves mentally, physically, and socially active through such activities.
Congratulations to Manipal Hospitals once again for such a wonderful initiative in the best interest of the Doctor fraternity.”

Mr. Surendra Prasad, Hospital Director & Unit Head, Manipal Hospitals Goa said, “I am delighted to facilitate this Inter IMA branch cricket tournament. Beyond our commitment to providing exceptional healthcare, we recognize the importance of promoting holistic well-being among our medical fraternity.

This event not only encourages physical activity but also strengthens the bonds within our healthcare community. We believe that fostering a culture of fellowship and wellness is paramount in ensuring the continued dedication and excellence of our doctors. We look forward to a day of spirited competition, camaraderie, and collective well-being at the upcoming cricket tournament.”
The event offers an exciting day of competitive cricket, friendly rivalry, and possibilities for medical professionals and cricket enthusiasts to share time. Teams from IMA Goa will compete for the championship title while showcasing their skill in cricket in a collaborative and sporting environment.

On this occasion, Dr. Shekhar Salkar, Chief of Oncology – Manipal Hospitals Goa & Past IMA Goa State President and Present President IMA Bicholim Chapter, said, ”I am thrilled that Manipal Hospital Goa is arranging this sports event for doctors, emphasizing the importance of maintaining good health and finding balance beyond work. It’s crucial to prioritize physical fitness through activities like playing sports, ensuring doctors remain healthy and rejuvenated amidst their professional responsibilities.

IMA typically shows a keen interest in such events and annually organizes activities like cricket to encourage doctors to engage in physical exercise and foster camaraderie. Participating in such sports not only promotes physical fitness but also provides an opportunity for doctors to bond with their colleagues, ultimately contributing to their overall mental and physical well-being.”

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