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Inviting Anyone and Everyone: Launching #NotJustIFFIMemeContest



#IFFIWood, 21 November 2022

It is said that the eye is not satisfied with seeing, nor the ear content with hearing. Yes, we are celebrating IFFI, but we are just not satisfied with what we see, with what we hear. We mean, we do get to hear and see the good, the great and the beautiful, but we are not satisfied. Our spirit is not filled. Our quest for infinite cinematic inspiration is not satiated.

Yes, Yeh Dil Maange More Memes! More Creative Content. More people talking about the beauty of the films being presented not just at IFFI, but other films too. More of us getting more inspired by the dreams, struggles and aspirations of the filmmakers who are being honoured at the 53rd edition of IFFI. Many more of us sharing nuggets of surprise, excitement, delight, insights and above all inspiration which we get from IFFI, well, not just from IFFI.

So here we are. We at PIB – the PIB IFFI Cast and Crew – are hereby launching a meme contest we call #NotJustIFFIMemeContest.

Here are not just the rules:

  1. There is only one rule: Tap into your infinite latent creative potential. Everyone is and can be creative. Publish a great meme or a series of great memes, or a series of series of great memes, which makes people laugh, jump, fly, hug each other, forget their troubles and above all fall in love with films and with life all over again.
  2. We repeat Rule 1. The memes should make people fall in love with films. And with life. All over again.
  3. Publish your memes on social media. Do not just use the hashtag #NotJustIFFIMemes, i.e., use the hashtag, but do not just use the hashtag, share your great and inspiring memes using this hashtag.
  4. Not all memes need be great. Experimentation is key to creativity. Don’t be afraid to be laughed at (we will not laugh at you, we will laugh with you, even if someone should laugh at us!).
  5. There is no end-date for the contest. We will award prizes to those meme creators who come up with memes which we find inspiring enough to be rewarded with not just our gratitude, but also our appreciation and rewards.
  6. There is no fixed number of winners. We will award as many people whom we are able to, who come up with great memes which we find to be inspiring enough.
  7. What will be the prizes? We will give away prizes which inspire you to fall or rather rise further in your love for films and for life, so that …you keep creating these memes and sharing your love for films and for IFFI, whether or not you win the contest or not!

So, don’t wait any more. Begin to think now! We can’t wait to see the memes you would be creating. Begin. Now. Now!

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