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Haier India Redefines Home Aesthetics: Introduces Graphite Refrigerators with Matte Finish Steel Doors for a Chic Kitchen Upgrade



  • The Graphite range will be available in the Direct Cool, top-mounted, bottom-mounted, 2-door side-by-side, and 3-door side-by-side WiFi enabled smart range
  • Haier India is offering a 10-year compressor warranty and 2-year product warranty on the series
  • Available in 205L to 602L capacity, the new range will start at a selling price of INR 24,690 across leading retail channels June 11, 2024: Haier Appliances India, the No.1 global major appliances brand for 15 consecutive years, unveiled its Graphite series, a premium range of steel door refrigerators featuring a matte finish and contemporary design elevating the aesthetics of modern Indian homes. The series will be available in capacities ranging from 205 to 602 Lts, catering to various storage requirements, making it suitable for every Indian household.

With a focus on premiumization, the new range of refrigerators feature a sleek matte finish design, seamlessly blending into modern Indian homes and elevating kitchen spaces with contemporary elegance. The series is available across a wide range of configurations including Direct Cool, top-mounted, bottom-mounted, 2-door side-by-side, and 3-door side-by-side. Haier has also introduced the matte finish series in its revolutionary 3-door Wi-Fi Convertible Side by Side Refrigerators range, empowering users to convert the freezer section to a fridge from anywhere using the HaiSmart App.

Commenting on the launch, Mr. NS Satish, President, Haier Appliances India said, “At Haier, our enduring commitment revolves around delivering customer-inspired innovative solutions that enrich everyday lives across the country. Our strategic focus revolves around introducing best-in-class products across various categories on the back of exhaustive research, state-of-the-art technologies, and highly efficient manufacturing processes. Having established a strong presence in the Indian market for over two decades, the launch of our Graphite Series reflects our commitment to consumers by offering the perfect combination of premium innovation and design. Recognizing the evolving needs of consumers, we are steadfast in our pursuit of offering appliances that combine efficiency with aesthetic excellence. We are confident that our new range will deliver a premium experience, aligning perfectly with the evolving needs of our customers.”

Premium, Modern design and WIFI Enabled Smart Refrigerator
In recent years, there has been a noticeable shift among Indian consumers placing increased importance on the aesthetics of their homes, viewing them as reflections of their personalities. Acknowledging this evolving trend and the growing demand, Haier has introduced the Graphite series, a perfect combination of innovative features and premium design, elevating the aesthetics of modern Indian homes. The Graphite series also includes WIFI enabled smart refrigerators, which you can connect and control from anywhere

Powerful Cooling
The new range of refrigerators features the Turbo Icing feature, available on all models, delivering rapid cooling and freezing, in turn saving time while preserving the freshness and flavour of food, vegetables and fruits. Additionally, the bottom-mounting models are equipped with a 1-Hour icing feature, ensuring swift freezing for added convenience and allowing families to enjoy chilled beverages and frozen treats quickly.

Triple Inverter and Dual Fan technology
Haier’s advanced Triple Inverter Technology allows more energy savings and reduces noise. The innovative Dual Fan Technology allows multiple air flow in the refrigerator to keep different food items fresh for a longer period and retain their original flavours, smells, and textures. The new range of refrigerators has a smart display that is easy to operate and switch temperatures and modes. Moreover, the ‘connect home inverter’ feature connects with the home inverter automatically during power cuts to ensure continuous cooling.

Stabilizer Free Operation
The newly launched series features stabilizer-free operation, ensuring appliances remain resilient against voltage fluctuations. This feature safeguards the compressor, enhancing durability and reliability. Customers can enjoy consistent cooling without worrying about power surges or needing an external stabilizer. This feature is available in both the top mounting and big top mounting models.

Deo Fresh Technology
Moreover, Haier refrigerators are equipped with Deo Fresh Technology, which gives consumers 360° cooling, absorbs odours & impurities and can maintain freshness for up to 21 days. It keeps veggies clean and green, and fruits cool and crunchy, amongst other things.

Price, availability, and warranty

  • The Graphite series will be available across both offline and online retail channels at a starting price of INR 24,690
  • The side-by-side range will be available at a starting price of INR 1,13,990
  • Haier India is offering a 2-year product warranty and a 10-year compressor warranty on all models, ensuring long-term reliability and customer satisfaction.

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