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Goa Positioned as a Fertile Ground for Startup Innovation

The creators of Cinedubs were recognized as winners for their innovative concept.



Panjim: November 24, 2023 – The Tech Media Startup Expo 2023, organized by The Department of Information Technology, Government of Goa, concluded successfully on Thursday, November 23, 2023. This highly anticipated event, designed to be a catalyst for technological innovation, served as a valuable resource for those seeking the latest developments in the tech media landscape. The expo aimed to provide startups from across India a dedicated platform to showcase their innovative projects while allowing the people of Goa to experience unconventional technological advancements. In a strategic move to position Goa as the creative capital of the country, the Goa government collaborated with the 54th International Film Festival of India (IFFI) for Tech Media Startup Expo 2023.

Shri. Rohan A. Khaunte, Hon’ble Minister for Tourism; Information Technology, Electronics and Communications, Printing and Stationary, Govt. of Goa, said, “The Goa government is initiating several measures to support startups as the state gears up to become a nurturing ground for startup creativity. With its vibrant spirit, Goa is set to become a hub for startup innovation. In the upcoming months, a range of initiatives will be introduced to catalyze business growth and provide startups with the necessary support.” He further stated, “Under the leadership of the honorable Chief Minister Dr. Pramod Sawant, the goal is to position Goa as a premier startup destination in Asia. The state’s unique combination of natural beauty, cultural heritage, and a growing entrepreneurial spirit creates an ideal setting for the junction of startups and information technology.”

Participating in the expo are startup entrepreneurs engaged in Advertising Technology, AVGC, Content Personalization & Streaming Services.
The expo began with 12 innovative startup stalls adorning the venue, transforming it into a center of creativity and technological expertise. The Co-working space and Digital Nomads Lounge provided an ideal environment for collaboration and networking, while the experiential zone captivated attendees with displays that are immersive.

Shri. Rohan A. Khaunte officially inaugurated the expo, starting off networking at the startup stalls and setting the stage for a series of engaging interactions. The event gained momentum as attendees explored the latest tech offerings.

Masterclass by Ms. Saraswathi Vani Balgam, CEO of Dancing Atoms Studios on the topic “From Concept to Screen: Navigating the Content Creation Odyssey in the AVGC Sector,” was highly appreciated. The Founders Club Meet and Roundtable discussion provided a platform for industry leaders to exchange insights and strategies.

The Founders Club Meet and Roundtable discussion served as a platform for industry leaders to come together and share valuable insights and strategies. This exchange of ideas not only fostered collaboration but also shed light on the essential elements required for Goa to flourish as a thriving ecosystem for entrepreneurial ventures. The discussion aimed to identify key factors that can contribute to Goa’s development as a vibrant startup hub and an attractive destination for digital nomads. By encouraging collaboration and fostering innovation, this event sought to strengthen the foundation for Goa’s growth in the tech and media industries.

Shri. D. S. Prashant, CEO, Startup & IT Promotion Cell – Goa stated “Speaking on the success and impact of the Founders Club Meet – Episode 04. This event has been a catalyst in the media industry, showcasing the power and innovation of startups in shaping the future of media. I believe that Goa has immense potential to become the home of startups and digital nomads. With its vibrant culture, favorable environment, and growing infrastructure, Goa can offer a unique opportunity for startups to flourish. By focusing on areas such as infrastructure development, access to funding, collaboration between startups and established companies, and government support, we can create an ecosystem that attracts and nurtures talent.”
The climax of the Expo arrived with the announcement of the winner of Tech Media Startup Expo 2023, Founders of Cinedubs headed by Aditya Kashyap & Vineet Kashyap from Delhi, awarded the winner who has showcased the innovative idea. The day ended with a closing dinner, offering attendees a chance to reflect on the innovations witnessed and relationships forged during the three-day show.

Tech Media Startup Expo 2023 emerged as a mashup of concepts, innovation, and collaboration, leaving an indelible mark on the ever-evolving landscape of technology and media.

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