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Goa Govt Proposes Advanced Laboratory for Mineral Analysis Ahead of Iron Ore Mining Restart



Panaji: As iron ore mining is set to recommence after a hiatus of over six years, the Goa government has proposed establishing a laboratory equipped with advanced instruments for mineral analysis.

The lab will be funded by the Central government and is a response to criticism from environmentalists and the Supreme Court about the Mines & Geology Department’s lack of a dedicated, well-equipped laboratory for comprehensive mineral analysis.

Chief Minister’s Office Statement:

During a Goa Geological Programming Board Meeting chaired by Chief Minister Pramod Sawant on Tuesday, it was resolved to bolster the department by setting up the mineral analysis laboratory.

“The laboratory will be outfitted with advanced instruments acquired through funds from the National Mineral Exploration Trust (NMET),” stated the CMO in a press release following the meeting.

The CMO emphasized the government’s commitment to utilizing advanced technology and scientific methods to ensure the efficient and environmentally responsible management of the State’s mineral resources.

Geological and Mineral Maps Unveiled:

At the meeting, the Geological and Mineral Map of Goa and the District Resource Maps for North and South Goa were unveiled.

Discussions included the exploration of mining leases to be funded by the NMET and the analysis of existing dumps by DMG-empanelled agencies using NMET funds.

“The Geological Survey of India (GSI) will support the DMG, Goa, in preparing proposals to access NMET funds,” the CMO added.